Monday, October 10, 2022

'No Grit, No Pearl' by Emma Zappone

Happy weekend 2Crafty friends.
Emma with you for today's project share. 

And these are the chipboard pieces I chose....

Flourish Adornment Set 5
11" Celia Frame
Lace Doily Frame

Striking chipboard to really compliment my picture and papers.

Let's talk about the finishes on the Flourish's first. Yet again I love a simple yet fun finish. I painted these with Black Gesso and once dried stamped emboss ink and added a cream emboss powder over the top. I chose a stamp with a small texture to really add some pattern to the chippy.

The Celia frame is just stunning and for this piece I painted it in an Impasto brown first. I added the paint with a sponge to create a slightly raised texture to the paint as it dried. Then I added some wax in white Gold. This over the brown acrylic really helped add a vintage/antique feel.

I really wanted to add a small amount of the lavender colour which comes through the cat in the image chosen for this layout. So I added a few layers of colour to the Lace Doily and chosen resin pieces.

The Doily pieces were painted black to start with and then I painted a lavender acrylic but wiped back a little also, as I didn't want it to be super purple. I then added a couple of waxes over the top including a lavender wax to help nurture the colour. 

Thanks again for joining me today and I do hope my project has been a little inspiring.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Stay Crafty, Em xx