Friday, October 7, 2022

'Hello Cheeky'
with Lisa Amiet


Hello 2Crafty fans!
It's Lisa here today to share a fun boy's layout
 that I have created for you.

Hello Cheeky

2Crafty products used:

For this layout, I have used one of the 
'Film Strips Tiny', that I have embossed in white,
and tucked under the edge of my photo. 

I have also used one of the 'Bubble Clumps',
again finished in white embossing powder,
that I have tucked into my layers.

One of my favourites is the 'Triangle Clusters - Tiny',
and I have used a couple of them on my layout, finished in white. 

For my title, I have used one of the words from the
  'Mini Word Set 4', also finished in white, 
that I have layered with one of the titles from my papers

I love using dark background papers for my layouts,
as it really makes the white and colours pop!
I hope that this has inspired you to get 2Crafty today.

Until next time!


Thursday, October 6, 2022

layout by Rachael Funnell

Hello & a warm welcome to the 2 Crafty blog....
Today I have this fun girly layout that I created
and includes some FABULOUS 2 Crafty Chipboard pieces.

2 Crafty Chipboard used:
11" Fine Floral Frame set
Wings set 1

'Captivating' works SO WELL with any style of layout
& here I have just simply given it two coats of gesso...
Also, add two coats of gesso to the 2018 

These beautiful floral pieces are so fine & delicate 
and I didn't want them to get lost in amongst the floral fussy cutting,
so what better way than to ink them black.. 
AND Don't they look GREAT!!

Lastly, for the set of Wings, I have one sitting either of the photo..
both were firstly given one light coat of gesso, then
inking the tips of the wings with a pink...

That's it from me for now..
I hope I inspired you in some way
Until next time

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

"discover" ~ A Step-by-Step Tutorial by Robin Schelin

 Hi everyone. Robin here, back to share some more gorgeous 2Crafty with you.

Today I'm sharing a step-by-step tutorial. I love these colors, and I love the photo. Reminds me to slow down and that the journey is indeed the destination!

Hope you will stay awhile and follow along as I explain as best I can how this came to be...

"discover "

2Crafty awesomeness:

Industrial Springs

Steampunk Collage

Vintage Border

Corne Steampunk 4

Steampunk Gears

discover - title

Shrub Set 1

All of the chipboard was first coated with white gesso.

The background is Prima Botanical Sonata Rice Paper. I adhered it to a chipboard backing with Art Basics Soft Matte Gel. A coat on the bottom and a coat on the top.

I used a die cut frame from 49&Market with a transfer glued to the back.

I used 49&Market Vintage Artistry Sky & Navy Transfers all throughout this layout. All of the transfers were rubbed on acetate and cut out. I did this because I could then play around with them before deciding  where I wanted them. You know transfers...once they are rubbed on the paper, they're there for life! I know me, and I don't do well with life sentances!!

I used mostly Smooch Pearlized Accent Ink on all the chipboard. I like how easy this is to use, and how well the colors went with this layout.

OK, moving on. Once the frame was down, I placed the photo over the frame. Then I cut and placed the Industrial Springs along the top and left on the photo to frame it. I painted them with Smooch - Cape Cod.

The Rice Paper wasn't 12"x12", more like 11"x16". So I used the Vintage Border on the left side to make up for that inch. I left it raw so it would blend in better with the colors of the Rice Paper.

I added some transfers along the side and then placed the Steampunk Collage on top of them. I used Smooch - Molasses, along with a very light coating of Bronze Acrylic Paint.

 The little chains were Painted with  Smooch - Moonlight, and the clock was painted with Smooch - Tuxedo.

The right side of the layout was done much like left side for continuity. I also used the transfers here as well, adding some blue flower transfers to the top.

The Corner Steampunk 4, and the gear from the Steampunk Gears, were treated the same as the Steampunk Collage. Smooch - Molasses and a very light dab here and there with Bronze Acrylic Paint. The chains here also were painted with Smooch - Moonlight. I cut the Corner Steampunk 4 in half so I could use it vertically along side the photo.

The title area was done between the photo and the left chipboard cluster to bridge that area. 

I had some left over Rice Paper because it was a few inches longer than the layout, so I cut a flower stem from it and placed it next to the photo. I like how it adds some color but is not overwhelming. I also added a small transfer of light blue flowers to bring the flower stem up further.

I added an old metal spring above the title piece and a small transfer under the butterfly. 

The title, discover, was painted with Smooch - Moonlight. I placed a word strip under the title to extend the title.

Now, for some more 2Crafty goodness... I cut up and painted the Shrub Set 1 and then placed the pieces all over.  I wanted them to to be an accent to lighten this dark layout, so I painted them with a light blue color, Smooch - Cape Cod, placing them on the right and left to get an even distribution of brightness.

I also added another Steampunk Gear on the right below the photo.

Now to add the finishing touches. Flowers, of course!! I added different shades of blue to bring out the color of the train in the photo with a few brown flowers for accent.  

Just a little tip: When attaching the chipboard to the layout, I never glue the whole piece down. I usually just glue down the parts that are going to be covered by the embellishments, flowers, etc.  I like to sometimes bend the ends up, or in this case I didn't like the how the Shrub Set 1 piece covered the blue flower on the bottom. Because the whole piece wasn't glue down, I cut part of it off and used it beneath the big blue flower.

 Lastly, I added a small glass clock to finish it off.

And it's done. 

 Hope you were able to follow along and that it has inspired you. 

Until next time...

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Adore Lovely You Step x Step Tutorial by Tania Ridgwell

Hi there!

Tania joining you today with a layout I created for my first share for October.

  I have a short step x step tutorial on how I created my layout too.

2 Crafty Chipboard Used:

 *Clock Face Discs
 *Adore Script
*Sharon's Butterflies
*Foliage Set 6

To create the background page I added layers of paper and tucked in corrugated cardstock
adding some texture with a stencil and gold opal polish.

I gave all the chipboard pieces a light coat of gesso and then coloured all the pieces with
purple opal polish.

I tucked in the Clock Faces Chipboard under the corrugated cardstock and photo mat.
Added the Adore Chipboard title to the bottom left of the page.  

I fussy cut lots of floral elements and tucked them in and around the Chipboard to add more
layers. Added my photo.  I then tucked in the Chipboard Foliage amongst the fussy cut elements,
added the Sharon's Butterflies Chipboard to the fussy cut elements.  To finish my page I
lightly sponged some gesso over the Chippies.

Thats' all from me today, I hope I have inspired you all with my Layout.
Until next time thanks so much for stopping by.

Tania xx



Monday, October 3, 2022

One of a Kind
By Charmane Sharp

Who doesn't love a Clock and Cog mixed media combination?
Always fun to put together for a masculine composition.
My main element for the entire layout was 2Crafty Chipboard.
I believe this has molded the pieces together for a unique way
to build out from my framed photo with minimal additions.

I love how layering the chipboard Clock Discs and Cogs
together with a couple of resin clocks looks like a mechanical
wonderland. By creating my composition off my layout I was
able to spray various Lindys sprays over for a multi coloured
finish in muted tones. Then create highlights with Finnabair 
waxes rubbed on here and there with my finger.

2Crafty Chipboard used...

Diamond Chunk Bits
Steampunk Gears Medium
Large Gears
Clock Face Discs
Number Panel
Corner Steampunk 4
Title- One of a Kind

Such a perfect title from the thousands to choose from in the 
2Crafty range. Simply rubbing some wax on gives a great finish.

Using the Number Panel adds to the numbers already in the
composition from the clocks. Adding some further interest.

I love the Diamond Chunk bits tucked between the Cogs to
break them up and give a different texture.

I cut the Steampunk Corner into two pieces so the left side could
 sit on top of my Clock Disc with the title on top. The other piece 
ran across under my framed photo to dangle the other heart out
from. Giving them two different heights. Hope you have loved my
mixed media creativity and will try using chipboard as your main 
element to create with.

Until next time...

Charmane x


Saturday, October 1, 2022

Layout by Marie Sabatier

Hello everyone!

I am always happy to meet you to present my new inspiration. 
A bright and flowery layout with this photo of one of our little females "Fouine" 
who likes to be photographed.  She’s twelve years old.


The chipboards used:

- Fine Word Set 3
- 11" Celia Frame
- Lacy Border Set
- Heart Clumps

To frame my photo I chose this beautiful chipboard "Celia Frame"
I like it is wide and elegant and gives a lot of importance to my photo.

I first applied a layer of "Peacock" metallic wax and over it a layer of "Lucky Emerald" 
antique wax from the "Prima" brand.

To give volume to my frame I added layers of cardboard and for more detail I added this chipboard 
"Lacy Border Set" it emphasizes the frame and gives style.

It takes a little patience but it is very nice to bring beauty to each chipboard.

I chose this title it is long, fine and highlights my photo. 
I embellished the title with "Orange Creamside" color embossing powder. 

To finish I added this chipboard "Heart Clumps" that I insert behind my photo and
through my bouquet, a bit of fantasy that gives a beautiful result. 

I hope you enjoyed this layout and will have new ideas to create 
with this beautiful range of chipboards.

See you soon!

Friday, September 30, 2022

'Explore & Discover' with Emma Zappone

Hi there, Emma with you today.
Today I share a page entitled 'Explore & Discover' and it features a large 10" Panel. I usually like to use smaller chipboard pieces but I had this gorgeous Doily and thought I just had to play with it.

Here are all the chipboard pieces untreated....
10" Doily Panel
Foliage Set 7
Grid Panel

The large Doily is painted with acrylic paints and then I added some rub-ons to fit in with the layout I had planned for it. 

The Foliage pieces have a white emboss powder added first and then a green Emboss glaze to set it off against the flowers.

The Grid Panel is finished with a Black Sparkle Emboss powder, and this was a nice colour to add to the layers.

I loved having the large 10"Doily to set off the whole composition, something a little different for me to use and play with.

I hope this page inspires you to try new things and step outside the usual.
Thanks for joining me today. 

Until next time, Stay Crafty.
Em xx