Friday, October 3, 2014

Variety Day with Jennifer Snyder

Hello - Jennifer Snyder here with you. I called my post "Variety Day" - a little of this and a little of that today.   As Guest Designer, I have just one day a month to showcase all the wonderful 2Crafty chipboard pieces I enjoyed through the month  so I am making the most of my blog space. The post will seem a little disjointed or lacking in continuity - BUT that's what happens when one is having fun and gets carried away in creating.

I will present my cards that I made first, then finish with my Halloween canvas.  I no longer name my pieces.  Gosh I'd spend so much energy thinking of names and am not good at that so they are just Card 1, Card 2... Ahhhhh easy. 

Card 1  - Featuring  2Crafty "Mini Word Set 1"

My cards are of a simple design.  I used to not enjoy card making because I thought I would need to be complex and elaborate, but you know what?  Simple is OK! The 2Crafty chipboard piece can be the focal point of the card.  No need to get overly fancy.  

In my case, trying to be overly fancy was getting in the way of me just having fun.  I used the "Mini Word Set #1" on this card. 

Card 2
This card features 2Crafty's   "Maple Leaf" atc025 and  "Sakura Flowers" m00243.    I painted the flowers with textured paint, sprinkled them with gold micro beads and dried them with a heat gun so the paint bubbled just a bit.   

                              To finish the florals, I added the "Maple Leaf" atc leaves.  
                          They were painted then stamped  with  a small text stamp.  

    "Maple Leaf" atc025 and  "Sakura Flowers" m00243

Card 3
I chose the 2Crafty  "Tattered Hearts" m00280 for this card because it went well with the flourishes and  delicate scroll work on the paper.  It's a perfect match.  I embossed this with ivory embossing powder ( ivory  powder flecked with gold)  and added micro beads.

 "Tattered Hearts" m00280

 Card 4
 The star of this card is the fun "Word Circles Set 1" m00527 chipboard piece from 2Crafty.  These are perfect card sized sentiments.   This is inked brown and covered in gold glitter. 
"Word Circles Set 1" m00527

Card 5
"Sharon's Butterflies" m00496 grace the front of this delicate card.

Haunted Canvas

And now to change directions from pretty and delicate to haunted.   This is a canvas I created using a 8x10 black canvas board and a doll stamp.  My patchwork pumpkin patch ( try saying that 3 times fast) is adorned with the "Iron Fence" and "Grass Clumps".  

I actually left the "iron fence" bare with no finish on it.  I thought that painting or treating the fence with a darker finish would make it disappear in the black busy canvas.  We can't have our beautiful chipboard getting lost on the piece.  That's just not right.   

The  2Crafty chipboard pieces were combined with products from the Flying Unicorns .  
A quick review of the 2Crafty products used:

Card 1 "Mini Word Set 1" m00542
Card 2  "Maple Leaf" atc025 and "Sakura Flowers" m00243
Card 3 "Tattered Hearts" m00280
Card 4 "Word Circles Set 1" m00527
Card 5 "Sharon's Butterflies" m00496 
Canvas "Iron Fence" and "Grass Clumps"

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