Monday, October 25, 2021

Capture ~ Layout by Priya Mishra

Hello Friends,
Welcome to 2Crafty Chipboards blog. 

Today I'm sharing a simple layout for a soft Pastel inspiration.
I took out some beautiful chipboard from my 2crafty stash and created this layout.

2Crafty Chipboard Used:

On all chipboards I used white embossing powder and heat set them.
They look even more beautiful after getting whitewashed like this.

I took out the background paper which has a hint of English blue and some prints
for 3Quarter Designs. Then created some texture with stencil and texture paste.
I worked around with some stamps first then created the look.
Then I put it all together.

After all the chipboard was down, I added the flowers and the branches.
I added the sentiment chipboard on top of a flower which gives it a little dimension.

And that's it!   I hope you like it.
 Until next time, stay safe and keep on crafting!

Friday, October 22, 2021

'Good Vibes' layout
By Rachael Funnell

Hello Fellow Craftters!
Rach back with you & today's layout is this pretty feminine
page featuring my girl, photo was taken back in 2018...

2 Crafty Chipboard used: 
6x6 Morrocan
Fine & Fancy butterflies
Good Vibes
Sharon's butterflies

Let's start off with the gorgeous buttterflies....
Inking both the Fine & Fancy & Sharon's butterflies
with a soft pink...

Next up for the 6x6 Morrocan panel,
where I have left as is, raw & cutting this panel in half,  
before adding with some fussy cutting flowers & blooms...

While for the 2018 chipboard peice, inking this with a teal....

Lastly for my title, Good Vibes I have inked this with silver...
Thanks for stopping by & until next time
Take Care....

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Let’s Explore
By Marie Claude Rodier


For this layout, I went outside my shabby confort zone and opted for a soft steampunk inspiration.
I dug into my 2 Crafty stash for gears and chained elements.
Final result is halfway my usual style and something new and different. I really like it.

Let’s Explore

Let’s Explore final look is from a multi-layered process of metallic black, silver and teal
acrylic paints and waxes.


Chained Circle Frame, Giant Gears and Steampunk Medium Gears were all basecoated
with gesso and embossed with sparkling white powder. Bronze wax was also added here
and there as shading. 

Circle Word Tag Set 2 piece was basecoated with gesso and highlighted with green watercolor.

2Crafty product used…

Chained Circle Frames

Giant Gears

Steampunk Gears Medium

Circle Word Tag Set 2

Let’s Explore

Until next time, be happy and be creative!

Marie Claude

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

"Wild at Heart" by Robin Schelin


 Hi everyone! Robin here. Welcome back to the 2Crafty Blog. 

 Today I am sharing a step-by-step tutorial for you. This layout is easy to make, and it does pack a punch if I do say so myself!

So sit back, relax, and let me show you how it was done...

"Wild at Heart"

The 2Crafty Chipboard I used:

Wild at Heart - title 

Corine's Swirl

Mini Flourish Bits

Decorative Doily

I'm going to start with the chipboard.
and tell you how I altered it before going on with the composition.

First, I gave it all a coat of white gesso.  The products I used were:

Ranger Texture Paste -  Opaque Crackle 
Artalchemy Metallique Wax - Bronze Age
Liquitex Basics Acrylic - Gold
Liquitex Basics Acrylic - Bronze
Liquitex Basics Acrylic - Copper
Art Philosophy Watercolor Confetti Set
Ranger Distress Grit Paste

On Corine's Swirl, and the Mini Flourish Bits,  I first applied the crackle paste with my finger.  I put it on pretty thick on some parts so it would be raised and add dimension.
When it dried, I mixed all 3 acrylic paints to get the color and then painted  it on with a paint dauber so it  would look almost like I used gold leafing. I also cut the bottom off of Corine' Swirl into 2 pieces to be able too use it on different parts of the layout.

On the Decorative Doily, I first used the grit paste on the tips of the doily, and then used sky, denim, blue, a little black and a dot or 2 of white from the watercolor set. My thought was to try to get the same colors and "textured" look of the background paper.
On the center of the doily, I used the same mixture of acrylic paint as the swirls. Then going out toward the tips I used a mixture gold and bronze paint followed with the Metallique wax applied with a small brush blending as I went.
A little gold paint on the spokes and a mixture of all 3 paints on the rim and it's done.

On the title Wild at Heart, I painted it the same as the swirls only I didn't use and crackle paste on it. I wanted it smooth just to be a little different.

Now let's put it all together.

I started by tearing the patterned paper diagonally.  Then added just a little animal print to the
sides and glued it down on the bottom paper.

I  added a journaling card at the top and then glued down a paper frame with a little of the
animal print in the center.
I then placed the first photo a little off center with Corine's Swirl tucked in the side.

I then added the second photo with one of the pieces I cut off of Corine's Swirl tucked in
on the bottom left. I placed a small piece of wood on the side of both photos.
  These were already painted blue, I just added a little of the paint on the edges, the inked it
with black ink.
I also added a small gold frame around the second photo to create separation between the photos.

Then I laid down the bottom pieces of chipboard, tucking in the Decorative Doily just a bit
under the photo. I also added a small glass clock to the center of the doily.
I placed the title, "Wild at Heart" at an angle to fit into the Decorative Doily kind of like
wheels in a cog.  
Then placed the piece from the Mini Flourish Bits on the right.

After all the chipboard was down, I added the flowers and the branches.
Also placing one flower at the top of the photo with the last piece of Corine's Swirl.

And that's it!   I hope you like it, and were able to follow along.
 Until next time, stay safe and keep on crafting!

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Pop the Champagne
by Sabrina Turpin

Hello 2Crafty friends!

This week is going to be a big one for me as I'm turning 40! Yay!
 But it's really the first time that I find it so hard to be reaching a new number. For the first time, I really realize I'm not a young adult anymore. At thirty, I was deep in parenthood, and between my work and my family, I did not see the years go by! Now that my kids are young teenagers, I'm starting to have time for myself again, but it feels like I've skipped from 30 straight to 40.

Anyways, at 40 I feel better than ever before. I have amazing kids, a great husband and friends that are very dear to my heart. So when my birthday comes, I'm going to celebrate and...

"Pop the Champagne"

On the "Heidi's Vines", I used two coats of pearl shimmering paint, then inked the borders in black.

For the "Frame Jenna", I used two coats of black embossing ink.

For the title, made of "Alpha set 1", I applied two coats of gold embossing powder.

I used the following 2Crafty chipboards in this layout:

Heidi's Vines [m00156]
Frame Jenna [fr0079]
Alpha set 1 [120071]

That's all for me today.
 I hope you enjoyed my layout and that it gave you inspiration for your own creations!
 I'll be back in a few weeks, a little older but still as motivated as before!
 See you soon.

Monday, October 18, 2021

Layout by Marie Sabatier

Hello everyone,

I am lucky to meet you for a third layout for this month of October.

I made an arrangement very different from my habits 
but sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone. 

I chose this photo of my grandson Leo for his little face but also 
for the cloudy background.


The 2CraftyChipboard used:

- Hashtag Word Set 1
- Numbers Panels
- Steampunk Strips
- Squiggly Strips Set 1
- Hinges Pack 

This time I put black gesso on each chipboard!

Then I applied waxes in different colors to get the shade I liked.

I usedI used "Bronze Age" "Lucky Emerald" and "Turquoise Satin".

I love these "Steampunk Strips" and "Squiggly Strips" particle boards 
they have a lot of character.

I have placed the "Numbers Panels" chipboard prominently.

For more relief on the agglomerates I added a design with a stamp and embossing powder.

I chose this title with the hashtag it's original. Perfect for my layout.
To support the title I added a chipboard from the "Hinges Pack".

Although, different from my habits, 
I hope this layout has given you some inspiration.

Thank you for your visit!

Sunday, October 17, 2021

'Bake Cookies'
with Lisa Amiet


Hello all!
It's Lisa here today to share some Christmas inspiration with you!
I have created this layout to celebrate the
 family tradition of baking Christmas cookies.

2Crafty Products used:

I have used a black background for this layout,
 as I really wanted the red and white elements to pop off my page. 

For this layout I have used an assortment of Christmas pieces.
I have used one of the 'Bauble Ornament Set',
that I have finished in white, and then coated in iridescent glitz,
for a lovely sparkle against the black background.

I have also used the snowflake from the 'Christmas Assortment' set. 
I have also finished this with a sparkle.

I have also used the 'Gingerbread House',
that I have highlighted parts of with red paint.

Finally, I have used the gingerbread man from the 'Christmas Assortment',
that I have also painted parts of and layered with a sentiment. 

I hope that you like what I have created,
I will be back with some inspiration for you soon.

Until then