Tuesday, August 6, 2019


Hi 2Crafty Creatives!

Tam here today to share a layout and a PROCESS VIDEO!
It's titled:

"Find your Tribe"

This layout is full of rainbow colour and celebrates my girl and her recent trip to Canberra with the National Youth Science Forum.
A real honour and thrill for her, and a highly sought after experience.

I've created a PROCESS VIDEO so you can see exactly how to create that rainbow
 background and embellishments.

Here it is:

I used the following 2Crafty Chipboard:

"Frames Flowers"
"Polaroid Assorted Frames"
"My Tribe Title"

I began by adding black gesso to the "Frames Flowers" and then I used white pen to create a stitched look.

This made a great contrast to the rainbow background.

To the  "My Tribe" title, firstly I removed the 'my' - it just suited the story better.

I then applied white gesso and used the same colour watercolours that I had used in the background to coat each letter.
Conveniently there were 5 letters and 5 colours.
This was just a fluke, but I had one of those YES moments when I realised it would work!

Finally, I added some black pen marks to highlight it and add to the fun feel of the layout.

I used three different sized "Polaroid Assorted Frames".
I coated them with white gesso and then again added watercolours.
This time I allowed them to bleed into each other.

I created one in full rainbow, which I attached on top of the photos, to draw attention to my girl.

I created one in blues and greens, and one in reds and oranges.
I made sure I placed them on their respective sides of the layout, so they went with the background.
This just creates flow.
If I'd placed them on the opposite sides they would have 'fought' with the background colour.

I again added pen marks to look like stitching.

There you have it!
A fun and vibrant layout that definitely suits a bunch of teenagers!!!

If you'd like to see more of my colourful work, head to my BLOG.

Seeya later in the month with more chippy inspiration.