Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Double-Pager, a Layout & an Art Journal Page
By Helen

Hi everyone!  Today is my last post here at 2Crafty Chipboard & I've had a 
wonderful time working with Vanessa & Di & of course the FANTASTIC
 CHIPBOARD!!  I have quite an eclectic mix for you today - this post is
 full of things I don't NORMALLY do, starting with a MASCULINE PAGE!

First up is my layout for Off the Rails Scrapbooking, where 2Crafty were the
 Guest Design Team last month.  You can see this in lots more detail up on 
my personal blog HERE.  Of course, the lovely "Dream" title comes from 2Crafty.
I painted the word with pale blue paint then dry-brushed over it with white paint.

 I used the small chipboard chicken wire 6"panelcut up into 3 pieces with 
quite a bit left over, swiped over a Distress Ink pad in 'Vintage Photo' colour.  
I also used a scattering of stars from the ATC Mini Hearts & Stars pack.
I pressed them into my black ink pad so that they were not fully saturated
with ink, so that some of the raw chipboard is still showing through.

Lastly I used part of the 12"Circle Revolution Frames, but not the 
chipboard piece, rather the 'negative' piece between the chipboard
pieces.  I painted it in the same way as my title but added some
stamping to it as well, using a script stamp & black archival ink.

I found the colour scheme quite a challenge as these colours are not
ones I normally use.  My advice in this case is to use a lot of white,
kraft or a pale neutral tone & use the colours in smaller quantities. 

Some close ups of the chipboard details...

As I always say, the great thing about chipboard is you can customize it
 to match your project, so there is always a way that you can use it.  
You don't have to wait for that perfect colour match!

I know there are many different adhesives around the world, but I always
 stick to using the white Tombo Mono Adhesive with the green lid, for all 
my chippie sticking, & it always works like a dream!

So quite a bit of chippie on that one!
Next I created a DOUBLE PAGE!!  Shock, horror!  I know!! 
 But I do do it once every couple of years or so LOL & now that I am teaching classes
it is THE most popular way to scrapbook here in South Africa so I wanted to have a
nice, well-balanced page to offer my students, that is easily replicable & teaches some
basic misting techniques as well as how to layer elements to avoid overfilling the page.

"Amaze Yourself"

Being a class page the chipboard I've chosen here is more generic, in other words
 they can be suited to various different photo themes.  I have used the stars
again, as well as the cameras, chevrons & the "Amaze Yourself" title.

I used Distress stains to colour most of the chipboard, followed by some 
clear, glittery nail varnish, except on the stars, which got the nail varnish
treatment only as I wanted a pale contrast.  On the 2 larger cameras I
added a flair to the centre of each which adds a nice touch I think!

These are called 'Mini Cameras' & are really cute!!  They'll go with just 
about any page you create.  I still have a couple left too!

The Chevrons came from this Mini-Sampler pack & I didn't even use them
 all!  These are great value for money & again, completely versatile!!

I stuck with white cardstock for these pages to demonstrate some simple misting
 techniques & have everything clearly visible.  The 'pattern paper' is actually
Prima packaging so didn't cost me a cent!  Even the Aztec packaging comes
from the Prima Finnabair Canvas Strips.  I tried to keep costs down by keeping
embellishments to a minimum but the page was just too flat before I added
the lovely flowers!!  I tucked in a bit of gauze as that is so easy to get anywhere :)

I also added a few bling dots, some Prima clocks from their packaging, & some
 dry-wall tape,as again that seems to be easily available & very inexpensive.  

And lastly, I had a PLAY in my art journal!  Pure creative time, just for me!!
No specs involved, so it was wonderful therapy!!  I concentrated on playing
around with a few different misting techniques, which is also the purpose
of an art journal, for experimenting...  

As you can see I used the Stars again!!  I also used the hearts this time too!
PLUS the negative backing sheet as well!!!  You can sure get value for 
money this way LOL!!!!  AND 3 projects later they're still not all used up!!

ATC Mini Hearts & Stars Pack

I focused mainly on background techniques with this page, trying out some different
things to what I normally do.  Something interesting that may be a good tip for 
anyone else who likes to play with mixed media.  I used a spray glue between 
layers, which acts like applying clear gesso, only much quicker & easier.
It seals off the previous layer so that, when you apply the next one,
you don't end up with muddy mush, as it is no longer reactive.

For the  chippie pieces I painted the stars & the backing sheet with black,
added some dry brushing of grey & white for a mottled effect, then
applied the clear, sparkly nail-polish again.

For the hearts I mixed up a tiny amount of pink, purple & white paint on my craft mat
& used my craft tweezers to push the shapes down into the colours, that were close 
together & swirled around, but not mixed altogether, as obviously that would create
an entirely different colour!  I sealed these off with the sparkly nail-polish once
dry as I did with everything here.  I LOVE this page!!  Pure fun!!!!

Remember chippie is great for art journaling too - because it is nice & flat!
Not bulky!!  And THAT people is the end of the end...My very last post
for 2Crafty Chipboard!!!  I hope you will still follow me HERE.
I've had a GREAT time & will miss you all xoxo

DON'T FORGET!  You can always contact 2Crafty to find out your 
nearest stockist!!  So no reason to ever be without the lovely stuff!!!


Rachael Funnell said...

All of these projects Helen look FAN FAB U LAS..... ♥

Margaret Mifsud said...

Such gorgeous work Helen!! Beautiful colours and fabulous use of the chippies!! I especially love your double page .. stunning!! xx

Di Garling said...

Another great post Helen & sadly a fond farewell. It has been great having you on our team.

Fiona Paltridge said...

WOW! 3 brilliant projects Helen .... I am a bit partial to the OTR GD one but they are all very lovely xx

Helen Tilbury said...

Thanks ladies!!

Nicole Doiron said...

Such beautiful projects Helen! Especially love the double-page LO as I do them too occasionally. They are very popular and I wish we'd see more of them on manufacture blogs. Awesome job!! :)