Monday, October 3, 2022

One of a Kind
By Charmane Sharp

Who doesn't love a Clock and Cog mixed media combination?
Always fun to put together for a masculine composition.
My main element for the entire layout was 2Crafty Chipboard.
I believe this has molded the pieces together for a unique way
to build out from my framed photo with minimal additions.

I love how layering the chipboard Clock Discs and Cogs
together with a couple of resin clocks looks like a mechanical
wonderland. By creating my composition off my layout I was
able to spray various Lindys sprays over for a multi coloured
finish in muted tones. Then create highlights with Finnabair 
waxes rubbed on here and there with my finger.

2Crafty Chipboard used...

Diamond Chunk Bits
Steampunk Gears Medium
Large Gears
Clock Face Discs
Number Panel
Corner Steampunk 4
Title- One of a Kind

Such a perfect title from the thousands to choose from in the 
2Crafty range. Simply rubbing some wax on gives a great finish.

Using the Number Panel adds to the numbers already in the
composition from the clocks. Adding some further interest.

I love the Diamond Chunk bits tucked between the Cogs to
break them up and give a different texture.

I cut the Steampunk Corner into two pieces so the left side could
 sit on top of my Clock Disc with the title on top. The other piece 
ran across under my framed photo to dangle the other heart out
from. Giving them two different heights. Hope you have loved my
mixed media creativity and will try using chipboard as your main 
element to create with.

Until next time...

Charmane x