Saturday, October 31, 2020

That's My Moon Baby - By Emma Zappone


Emma here with you on this last day of October.
Today I share a piece of Art that is a little different from my normal style.
Using little Mixed Media and plenty of Chipboard I love this Over sized eclectic Tag. 

Here are the amazing chipboard pieces i used.....

Frame Louisa's
Clock Face Discs
Fancy Clock Hands Set 2
Lace Doily Frame

Keeping the Tag very 'Clean' i decided to make the chipboard illuminate and keep the papers clean.
So i painted all the chipboard in Black Gesso to prime them.

Then once they were dried, I started to simply apply a selection of complimentary waxes to bring them alive and 'pop' from the papers.

I applied this finish on all of the chipboard pieces. Simply yet effective. And I adore those clock hands so much i just had to use them as a focal point on my massive clock.

I hope this inspires you a little and you get some creative time this weekend.

I will see you all again soon.

Emma xx