Tuesday, November 8, 2022

'Lillian' - by Emma Zappone

Hello lovelies.
Today's share introduces you to Lillian. Lillian is 25yrs old, shy with a hidden extrovert inside. She has been working at the National Museum since she left uni. She majored in Entomology but enjoys the theory of Taxidermy, which is what drew her to the Museum. Lets visit Lillian now....

Now lets see our focus pieces in our first exhibit....

Bracket Frames
6" Mandala
Checkerboard clumps
12" Lucy Border

Choosing to play with most of the pieces raw meant I still had to allow the chipboard to shine through.
I left the Mandala raw until the end, which I then added a dry brushing of white Gesso to 'antique' the piece a little.

I wanted to use up some of my left over pieces, so with the little bit of the Checkerboard Clumps I had left in my stash, a dabbed a little amount of Brown ink to stain the chipboard ever so slightly.

The Lucy Border is raw with the exception of a hint of wax applied right at the end of creating the layout. This meant that it still stood out amongst the layers.

The Brackets are the only thing painted. These are painted with a shimmer acrylic but in a rustic brown to still appear raw yet shine throughout the layout.

A project that is simple yet quite interesting, just like Lillian.

I hope this project has inspired you in some way.
I look forward to sharing with you all again later in the month.

Stay crafty, Em xx