Wednesday, July 20, 2022

"embrace These Moments" ~ by Robin Schelin

 Hello again, welcome back to the bog. 

Hope all is well with you and that you've been creating wonderful things!

 Today I'm sharing a layout that is pretty much monochromatic. I try to match the embellishments I use with the colors in the photo. I think that it creates harmony, and is easier on the eye if the colors don't clash. You can definitely use a lot of "stuff" on your project as I have done with this one. Hope you like it. 

"embrace These Moments"

Beautiful 2Crafty I used:

Steampunk Strips
4" Mandala No 1
Berry Branch
Steampunk Gears Med
Mini Flourish Bits
6" Click face Discs
Brick Panel
Title - These Moments

I used a LOT of Chipboard on his layout.  More than usual.  But sometimes I like to do things over the top!  I think it's all about balance and movement, so sometimes, more is less.

As always, I first applied white gesso to all the chipboard pieces.  Because that's what I do!

Starting at the top right, here are the gorgeous Steampunk Strips.  I cut the strip in half so I could use it on the top and bottom of the flower cluster.  I used Bronze Acrylic Paint then rubbed on a little Art
Alchemy Bronze Metallic Wax.  I dabbed some Black Acrylic Paint ever so lightly on the gears so they would stand out a little more.

Here also is the very pretty Berry Branch.  I cut it up so I counld use it at the top of the flower cluster and at the bottom.  I painted the stems with Parchment Acrylic Paint and the berries with Bronze Acrylic Paint.

Here you can see the 4" Mandala No 1 tucked in under the flowers.  This was painted with Bronze Acrylic Paint. 

Also the bottom half of the Steampunk Strips and Berry Branch. I glued the Steampunk Strips, Berry Branch and flowers directly on the Mandala, then tucked it beside the photo.

I thought I needed a little something left of the photo, so I grabbed a little swirl from the Mini Flourish Bits and tucked it in. I used Art Extravagance White Crackle Paste on it. 

Another strip from the Steampunk Strips was used under the flower cluster on the left of the layout.  This was to add balance to that side.

Tucked in on the bottom left of the photo is the smallest clock from the 6" Clock Face discs set. This also was painted with Bronze Acrylic Paint.  I cut the bottom circle from the clock so it look a little like it was floating.  I used a chipboard disc painted Bronze under the clock. Then I added a gear from the Steampunk Gears Med on top of the clock. You guessed it -- Painted Bronze.

I added the small word strip, "embrace" on top of the title These Moments. The title was painted with watered down Parchment and Yellow Ochre acrylic Paint.

Then, finally, here is the Brick Panel. I love the way this adds a little grunge to the layout. I painted it with White Acrylic Paint, then randomly dabbed on some Grey Acrylic Paint.  There is also a little of the Brick Panel up under the Steampunk Strips on the upper right under the flower cluster.

So there it is. A lot, I know! But when you use a lot, you gotta say a lot!! Hope you like it.  

Will see you again in a few weeks.  Until then, stay inspired!