Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Castle in the Sky
by Amanda

 Helllloooo Everyone..

I am up on the blog today with my Castle in the Sky Project.

I like to use multiple pieces of the same chipboard to create layers,

they add little windows for glimpses of the background I have created.

Chipboards Used

Corner Crackle
Corner Fluer
I have started by painting the 4 crackle corners with a dark Blue Metallic Paint.
Then cut down a bit where they overlap alot on the sides and glue on.
Next I have used 2 coats of some metallic silver foil paint on the 4 Corner Fleurs,
and glued on top of the crackle corners, I love how you can see all the background details
through the chipboards.

 I hope you enjoyed my project
and are feeling inspired to create.
Amanda M