Friday, April 16, 2021

Love always
By Marie Claude Rodier PLUS VIDEO TUTORIAL

 Hi everyone,

It’s my turn this month to show you my creation process through a video tutorial.
I hope you will enjoy it as much as I had fun creating if for you. 

Love always

Love from Circle Tag Set 1 was dry brushed with heavy white gesso. I love this washed
effect so much. It’s one of my favorite technique. Simple and chic.

Always from Fine Word Set 1 was basecoated with gesso and covered with two waxes: peacock
and mint sparkle. The perfect mix to get a light teal tone that fits perfecly my color scheme.

Moroccan Panel was first cut into pieces. The pieces were covered with a light coat of
white wax that blends wih the blue one that was left on my brush. Once dry, a light dry brush
coat of white gesso was used as finishing touches.

2Crafty products used...

Fine Word Set 1

Circle Tag Set 1

Moroccan Panel

Until next time, be happy and be creative!

Marie Claude