Friday, November 6, 2020

A Striking Reversal In My Art Journal
By Yulia Pospelova

 Hello everyone!

 Yulia Pospelova here with you today to inspire you with my new spread in my art journal.

I wanted to do something about love in a vintage style, but with bright accents.

I used a 2crafty chipboard:

Alphabet Dainty 


Clock Face Frames 

Cassie's Flourishes

First, I cut out blanks from paper-a rectangle and a semicircle. I applied a transparent

 primer and glued tissue paper. Then I added white ground in several places.

The left side of my magazine is about a man, his time, letters, and expectations.

I also created the background using liquid acrylics, stamps, and cards.

The side on my right is a semicircle. I made it using the Clock Face Frames chippie.

I divided Cassie's Flourishes into two parts.
The curl is on the female side,and the circle is on the male side.

I thank you all for your attention! 

I was happy to be here with you today.