Sunday, July 5, 2020

Layout About The Past
with Yulia Pospelova

Hello, everybody.
 Summer is just in a full swing here,  but despite this, I still did not make any marine work.
I wanted to make a model about some past events, roads and inventions.
 Something old and eternal. 

 A lot of 2crafty chipboard was used: 

 As I mentioned, my layout is about something historical.
 That's why I covered the whole chipboard by the vintage effect texture paste.
 It gave the spirit of the past.

 I used the large frame from the Chained Circle Frames set. I also used their negatives.
 So, you can mention a lot of frames, arranged in this layout. 

 Also I decided to put the Iron Fence along the entire length of the layout, and the Steampunk Cog Strips on it. I think it created a very interesting effect. I partially covered the Old Windmill by decor. And this didn't spoil it's attractive effect

 I placed on the left the Clock Face Discs and Film Strips-Small to continue the composition.
 A Steampunk Gears Small are thrown out along my layout.

 I really wanted this layout to become a story about creating roads and new projects. I took the old men photos for this purpose. They were the founders of this story. 

 Thank you all for your attention.
Yulia Pospelova was with you.

See you soon