Wednesday, January 22, 2020

This moment
by Sabrina Turpin

Hello 2Crafty fans!

Today I'd like to share a layout I did last week that about one of those little moments of pure joy in life where you remember that being with the ones you love is all that matters.
 Sometimes you're not doing anything special, just sharing a little moment of cuddling and playing, and it is still the most rewarding moment as a mom.

"This moment" 

On the "Chicken wire panel", at the back, I used silver embossing powder and dabbed some black embossing ink on top. For the "Steampunk Cog Strips", behind the button, I applied blue embossing powder roughly and then traced the border with black ink.

On the "Frangy", I applied blue embossing enamel and then traced the borders with black ink.

For the "Frame Alissa", I applied white paint to which I had added blue pigments. Then, once it was dry, I used a sandpaper to give it a more rustic look.

For the title, "This moment", I applied textured embossing powder, giving something of a coal look.

I used the following 2Crafty chipboards in this layout:

Frame Alissa [fr0125]
Frangy [m00121]
Chicken wire panel [m00400]
Steampunk cog strips [m00783]
This Moment [w00526]

That's all for me today!
 I hope you enjoyed this layout and it gave you some ideas for your own creations.
 I will be back in a few weeks with more ideas to share with you guys.
 Until then, I wish you the best.