Sunday, December 22, 2019

A Christmas Tradition
by Sabrina Turpin

Ho ho ho 2Crafty fans!

Holiday season is back and it's my favorite time of our cold winter here in Quebec!
Today, I'm sharing a layout showing what has now become a Christmas tradition for me
and my kids: fun pictures with photo filters. I also prepared a video showing the various
 techniques I used to prepare the chipboards.

"A Christmas Tradition"

For the "Holly twig branches", I used green metallic paint and applied black ink on the border.

On the "Wire Stars", I applied red glittering embossing powder.

With the "Fine Snowflakes", I used white embossing ink and then 
applied some shimmering glaze on top.

For the title, "A Christmas Tradition", I used white embossing powder 
and dabbed a bit of red embossing ink on top.

I used the following 2Crafty chipboards in the layout:

Holly twig branches [m00613]
Wire Stars [m00623]
Fine Snowflakes [m00102]
A Christmas Tradition [w00013]

That's all for me today! I wish you the best holidays and I'll be seeing you soon,
 at the begining of the new year. 

Until then, have fun creating!