Saturday, March 11, 2017

Tammy's March Shares

Good morning 2Crafties!

It's my turn to share today, and I'm excited about it as I've got two
completely different layouts to show you.

First up is....

"Just the 3 of Us"

This one is a bright, colourful one.  You may have worked out by now that I adore colour!

In this layout I used the following 2Crafty Chipboard:

"Just the 3 of us title"
"6" Revolution Frame"
"Assorted Arrows"

I painted some of the "Assorted Arrows" black and also my title "Just the 3 of Us" black too. 

I find this grounds them, and allows them to pop against the bright colours.

I painted the "6 " Revolution Frames" orange.
 I went with orange as it contrasts well with the background.

I used the large one to frame my photo, and the smaller ones I tucked underneath
 my layers, making sure some of them were poking out.

A happy, bright page celebrating myself and my 2 kiddos and how much we love being together.

My second layout is titled:
"Make a Difference"

This one is much softer than my usual style, although I couldn't help adding black to give it contrast.

The theme of this layout is a serious one - it's all about my passion
 for preventing and reducing violence against women.
This inspired the hearts, the title and the soft colour palette.

For this layout I used the following 2Crafty Chipboard pieces:

"Make a Difference title"
"Drawn Heart Frame"
"Heart Clumps"
"Fine Leafy Bush"
"ATC Tiny Hearts and Stars"

I painted the "Drawn Heart Frame" and the "Make a Difference title" black, 
as I wanted these to 'pop' against the soft colours.

I painted the "Fine Leafy Bush" white. 
 I then cut off the little clusters and poked these in around the flowers.

 I embossed the "Heart Clumps" with a gorgeous cream emboss powder,
 which has a hint of pink and gold in it. So pretty!

I then painted some hearts from the "ATC Tiny Hearts and Stars" in a
 soft pink paint.  I scattered these randomly on the layout.

 You will notice this layout moves from the top left corner, down to the bottom right corner. 
This creates movement through the page.
I used the frame and the clusters of embellishments to draw the eye into the photo.

Well that's it from me today.

I hope this inspired you.

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Karine Gagnon said...

Tammy, you are like a Mini Wheat! You have a soft side, looking at your second layout, but you also have a frosted side with bright and vibrant colors! I love both sides of you! :) Congrats on another awesome post.

Karen.C said...

I love the soft tones of your second layout and the story behind are brave and strong and stories of women coming out the other side of domestic violence are always inspiring.

ingrid said...

Love the fun and colorful layout and also the romantic one! Once again, awesome job on the lettering! xx

Di Garling said...

Another great post Tammy. LOVE them both.

Trudi Harrison said...

Just love how you work with colour! Fabulous Tammy x

Tambaramba said...

What a lovely comment!! You sure know how to make me smile....Thankyou! X

Tambaramba said...

Thankyou Karen. Yes it's been a long road but I feel stronger and braver than ever. It was very therapeutic to Scrap this layout. Thankyou for your comment!

Tambaramba said...

Thankyou Ingrid. Yes journaling is one of my 'things'. Xx

Tambaramba said...

Thankyou so much Di. Xx

Tambaramba said...

Thankyou Trudi. Xx

Rachael Funnell said...

2 FANTASTIC layout Tammy!! 💓😀

Lisa Amiet said...

These are both fabulous! Love your bright fun layouts!

Debbie said...

Two great layouts! Love the bold vibrant colors in the first one and the soft colors in the second one!

Mary Tzalla said...

Beautiful layouts! 😊