Monday, June 5, 2023

Perfectly IMPERFECT you - by Robin Schelin

 Hi everybody! Welcome back to the blog. Hope that everyone's doing well.

 On this layout, I've done something that I've never done before. I left ALL the chipboard RAW! I've wanted to try this ever since I started with 2Crafty, but always thought it would look unfinished. But with the dark background, and the color of her hair and her flower, I thought I would give it a go. Hope you like it!

"Perfectly IMPERFECT you"

Beautiful 2Crafty I used:

Dancing Suns


Floral Spray

Thin Rectangle Stacked Frames

Film Strips Medium

You, Me & The Sea

Well, right here is where I would tell you that I used gesso to prime the chipboard. Not this time!!

Behind the green paper I took the Film Strips Medium and cut edge off of them so that just the little "prongs" would show. I added them under the top and bottom of the green paper to add dimension and to make the transition from the dark blue background.

Under the photo here is one of the frames from the Thin Rectangle Stacked Frames. I cut it because I didn't need the whole thing, just enough to be peeking out.

I cut up the Floral Spray because I only wanted the top part up here on the left of the photo. I added one of the Dancing Suns under the flower to add a little interest. 

I placed the other top portion of the Floral Spray here on the right with another Dancing Sun a little lower than the one on the left to go along with the tilt of the photo. I wanted to make it match the left side of the photo in keeping with the composition.

I thought the title, Perfectly IMPERFECT, was perfect for this photo since she is all dirty resting on a dirty tire!

Here at the bottom I placed the portion of the Thin Rectangle Frame that I cut off. Not wanting anything to go to waste, I used it to house the word "you" that I cut from the You, Me & The Sea title. The two little leaves at the top were cut off of the Floral Spray. 

And that's my "Layout in the RAW"! Almost every piece of chipboard I used I cut up. 2Crafty chipboard is so versatile, you are only limited by your imagination. I hope this has inspired you to not only cut up your chippies, but to try leaving them raw and see what you come up with!

I'll be back in a few weeks with another project using gorgeous 2Crafty! Until then, keep crafting!