Thursday, April 20, 2023

Layout by Marie Sabatier

Hello everyone,

I am delighted to be back with you and to present my second layout 
for this month of April.

I was inspired by this picture my grandson.
We were on the tram platform and he explained to me by taking the pose the difference
between the ground with circles and the ground with pavements.
I was dying to laugh!


The 2Crafty chipboard used:

- Explore Dream Discover Title"
- Circle Stack
- Frame Zig Zag Borders
- Asst Chain Lengths
- Diamond Chunk Bits

I wanted to create a rural atmosphere and I found that these chipboards 
fit well with my theme.

I chose papers with flashy colors.

I started by applying a layer of white gesso to each chipboard. 
On the chipboard "Circle Stack" and "Asst Chain Lengths" I applied color embossing powder
 "Twilight Blue Silver".
Looking for my layout, I found it fun to organize the two chipboards one on the other with two different colors to dissociate them.

I played with of Washi tape to place the chipboard "Asst Chain Lengths".

I also used embossing powder on chipboards "Frame Zig Zag Borders" and "Diamond Chunk Bits".

To give some relief to the title, I sprinkled powder to be embossed with the same shade.

I hope this layout will inspire you in your future creations.
With these beautiful chipboards.

Thank you very much, see you soon!