Friday, April 8, 2022

'Theodore' by Emma Zappone

Meet 'Theodore'.
He is a 'good little boy, curious looking, with a gentle nature.
This project was made on Book plates and is only a little bigger than 5x7 inches. I love how it has become this slightly messy, vintage, worn project. A lot of care and thought went into this, as it does with all my projects, but more so to bring Theodore to life.

And  here is the stunning chipboard I used to make the story come alive.....

Window Shutter Set 1
Clock Face Discs
Steampunk Gears small
Geo Panel

I used all the small elements for this project which meant that I cut up the Geo panel to just tuck in and around the photos and it's layers.

For the gorgeous Window Shutter, I first cut the shutters off and used them off of the sides of the project. I then painted it with a brown acrylic paint first as a primer and then added some texture paste through a stencil to give it a weathered look. I added inks and sprays to it once dry. With a little wax and white paint at the end, it really gave a old worn look that I just love.

The smallest Clock Disc and the small Gears were kept raw to start with. With a little bit of wax, I enhanced them and then dry brushed ink and colour over the top, this made them unique.

I do really love the story telling that my art is allowing me to play with right now. This image is by an artist named Lisa Aisato who I found on Pinterest, she draws beautiful story book characters. I just love the feel of these characters, they totally inspire me.

I love how the chipboard adds to the story and the vintage vibe it gives. Maybe they are pieces that would not normally match but I do love how they all work on this project.

Thanks for joining me again today. I hope you have a creative day and I will see you all again soon.
Em xx