Friday, January 14, 2022

NEW 2Crafty Chipboard 2022 mini release

Morning followers and firstly Happy New Year to all.

Well what a year we have all had and here at 2Crafty I can honestly
say it has been a challenging one as we have tried to navigate business
and personal challenges through this Pandemic.

Due to that fact you will have notice a lack of new products last year as
we just couldn't cope with everything that was presented to us.

Thankfully we have got through it and look forward to a better year and hope to be able to offer more new releases more often this year.

Today we share the first of these Mini Releases which will be available
for retailer to order immediately and please be sure to let your stockist
know if there are items you'd like ordered.


These steampunk themed items have been sitting in my design folder for sometime
and I love the addition of the chains, hearts and flourishes, making them a
little more versatile so they can be used on feminine pages as well as masculine.

Some more steampunk and industrial style items.

You'll notice a few familiar pieces amongst this release, and that is because
we are going to offer in some different sizes as requested so they can be used
in off the page projects as well.

Foliage are one of our biggest sellers, always nice to tuck in amongst
paper/fabric flowers.

Large 10" Wings for canvas', mini and large scissors to complement our
original medium size pack.

And as always we always have new titles which are definitely our biggest seller
and so easy to use and add to layouts, and can be altered to suit any
colour palette or theme.

A couple more Mini Word packs, gone with a couple of different fonts to
change things up.

Well there you have it, just a small release and we will be back sometime
in late Feb/early March with some more.

Thanks for your support.

Vanessa XX
2Crafty Owner