Friday, November 5, 2021

"enjoy TODAY" - by Robin Schelin

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to the 2Crafty blog.

 Winter is coming! 

 In Colorado, were I live, there is glorious snow up on the Rockies, so I couldn't resist
making a winter layout a little early! 

As always, 2Crafty has the most amazing chipboard pieces to choose from to complete
any idea you could possible have when it comes to scrapbooking!
These pieces are so versatile, you can use them for any theme, any season and any occasion. 

Hope you like it!

"enjoy TODAY"

2Crafty chipboard used:

Avery Vines
Window Shutter Set 1
Square Leafy Frames
enjoy TODAY
Crystal Snowflakes
Lattice Leaves
Harlequin Clumps

As I always do, I started off with a nice slathering of white gesso on all these beautiful
chipboard pieces.  

Starting at the top, I used the Avery Vines along the left of the photo above the flowers cluster.  I painted it with Acrylic Paint, then dotted it with Ranger Grit Paste so it would look like there was a dusting of snow on it.

I wanted the Window Shutter Set 1 to be off kilter a bit, so I cut the shutters off the frame and just used them.  I also wanted them to be pristine white, so I just painted them with Acrylic paint and left them plain.

In the bottom cluster, I cut one of the ends off of the Square Leafy Frames and inserted it into the top of the cluster. This I also painted with Acrylic Paint and dotted on some Ranger Grit Paste.

Then on the bottom I tucked in a piece from the Harlequin Clumps. I painted them with Acrylic Paint as well. They are also on the far right on the layout.

Lastly, I painted a couple of the Lattice Leaves with 
acrylic Paint and stuck them in on the top right.

For the title, enjoy TODAY, I just painted it with Acrylic paint in 2 colors.

I tucked a few Crystal Snowflakes around the layout here and there just to keep with the theme of the layout. I used white Acrylic Paint, and while still wet, I sprinkled them with Fairy Dust Glitter Mixed Berries.

Underneath the title, I placed another piece I cut off the Square Leafy Frame Set. Also painted with Acrylic Paint followed with Ranger Grit Paste for that frosty effect.

Here in the main flower cluster, I added some more of the Lattice Leaves, and tucked in a couple of the Crystal Snowflakes.

So there it is. My fast forward into winter!   I hope this inspires you to start working on your winter projects. If you live on my side of the world, that is!! If not, well then....Happy summer!

See you back in a few weeks with some more winter magic!