Friday, December 18, 2020

"Merry Christmas"
Decorative Panel Flourish Star
by Marie Sabatier

Here is my last creation of the year 2020
 I am happy to have spent another year here and to have shared my inspirations with you.

This year it will be difficult to celebrate Christmas like every year because of this pandemic 
all over the world but I hope you can still get together with your family!

With this star I wish you a very merry Christmas.
I used this photo of my little son Leo he looks like a little angel carried by a star!

"Merry Christmas"

2CraftyChipboard used :

- Merry Christmas Card Set Fine
- 10 Decorative Panel Flourish Star
- Windows Shutter Set
- Foliage Set 6

I hesitated to put paper behind the star but at the end of my project I cracked and I like 
it but another time I will try.

I applied a coat of white Gesso to each chipboard.

On the star I added white wax and a little gray wax to match my photo, 
then I applied Glitter Varnish.

I really like the design of the decorative panel.

I used a lot of layers of paper before laying out my photo, I wanted to create a cozy little nest.

On the photo I have placed the "Windows Shutter" chipboard, I embellished it in the same
way as the star and I buried part of the window.

I love this photo I find so cocooning.

On the title and chipboards "Foliage Set 6" I added Lindy's "Purely White" 
embossing powder and Opal Magic Silk wax.

Lots of Christmas paper embellishment, pebbles, sequins, metal beads, 
glitter ..... to embellish these wonderful chipboards!

I wish you another Merry Christmas and hope to see you again in 2021.