Wednesday, November 4, 2020

"Beauty Within" by Elena Martynova

Hi Everyone!

It's Elena here and today I have a layout for you that 
features my favorite chipboards from 2Crafty! 
As a background, I took a piece of paper from the new collection 
"TWINKLE OF SUNRISE" from Craft o'clock.
 In the video you can see the entire process of creating a layout.
 It was pretty fast and very fun for me.

First of all, I want to draw your attention to these wonderful word strips with inscriptions. 
They have such a wonderful size that you can use them in layouts, cards and albums.
 I really like the inscriptions on them - they are universal and suitable for all my works.

I also love the background chipboard. I divide it into fragments and put it in various places.
 This creates a multi-layered and multi-detailed environment.
 In this layout, I used two small pieces from Fencing Wire Panel 

Secondly, I just love the Compass chip. I covered it with embosser powder
 to add texture and gloss. Also lifted on a piece of cardboard to make all the elements 
seem more voluminous.

Aren't these birds lovely? And how well they fit the background sheet 
and the entire composition as a whole! I painted them first with white paint, 
and then lightly tinted them with gold, Golden brown and glitter paste.


See what 2Crafty chippies were useful to me in this layout:


Thank you for visiting, have a lovely crafty day!
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