Sunday, September 6, 2020

Mixed media canvas with Yulia Pospelova

 Hello you all, 2Crafty fans . 
Today I want to show you my new bright canvas in a contrasting color.
 Here, as you can see, a lot of 2crafty chipboard was used:

 Also I took some negatives from the Alphabet Dainty chipboard.
 By the way, some letters were in the background themselves. 

Numbers and Moroccan Panel I simply painted by a contrasting mint color with the
 acrylic paint and added some stamps.

Also I took some separate elements from Tahnya's 11" Border and 6"Circle Barbed Wire Frames. I covered them with the black soil and gave them some wax shades.

Thank you all for your attention.
Yulia Pospelova was with you. See you soon