Wednesday, August 26, 2020

"The Magic Watch"
With Yulia Pospelova.

Big greetings to you all 2Crafty lovers.
Today I want to show you a really unusual work. This is a kind of an art object.
 I love the time theme, it's a good topic for thinking over and discussion.
 So I made this clock.

2Crafty Chipboard Used..  

 In addition to time. I love everything mystical, secret and connected with the forest. 
That is why I wanted to plunge my watch into the depths of the impenetrable thicket, 
where various magical creatures live.

 The Clock Face Frames became an integral part of this object.
 After all, everything is real here.
 The arrow is moving, the spinning mechanisms still works. 

Foliage Set 1 and Lavendar Shrub I placed on the box lid.
 They extended the forest topic. 

Also I used the Moroccan Panel as a background to diversify my composition. 

Thank you all for your attention.