Monday, January 6, 2020

Canvas "Dream" by Yulia Pospelova

Canvas "Dream" by Yulia Pospelova

Hello, dear friends! I'm so happy to be here with you and represent such a great
 chipboard manufacturer!
For today, my first publication I've made a winter mixed media canvas for your attention.
 Hope to impress and inspire your creativity.

There is a plenty of great 2Crafty chipboard in my work



All the chipboard is covered by metallic paints, including transitions of different colours.
 The Festive Grape is divided into two parts and transferred to the right.
 It is also covered by the gold wax.

Then I took one part from Corner Holly Vines, covered it with paint and glued under
 the transparent plastic.

After that I took the large and small disks from Clock Face Discs and, put them into different places. One of them is just behind the photo, and the second one I fixed inside the workpiece.

The lettering Dream a little dream I covered with paint by an ordinary sponge.
 It gave the volume effect.

My layout entirely consists of a wooden workpiece for the canvas.
I covered it with an artistic soil and alcohol ink; then I sponged pink mother-of-pearl paint.
I glued the paper inside the workpiece and placed the Geo Panel on it. The effect turned out to be something like a grid. Finally I glued decor and letters from Alphabet Dainty on the netting.

I really wanted to make it look like a window. So I added clear plastic and a metal handle.

Thanks for your attention.
See you soon.