Tuesday, October 22, 2019

"Live Laugh Love"
by Sabrina Turpin

Hello 2Crafty fans!

Last week-end was pretty exciting for me as I was celebrating my birthday with a great bunch of friends and my family! To kick off the celebrations early, I decided that I would indulge a bit and prepare a layout featuring my own face juuuust before I get older again!

I'm pretty happy about the result, especially with the chipboards on which I tried a few new techniques.

"Live Laugh Love"

I hand-applied wax on the "Flourish Adornment Set 6" chipboard and inked the borders with black ink.

For the "Frame Celia's Flourish", I applied black paint, waited for it to dry, then applied rose-gold paint. I applied pink embossing ink on top and finally inked the border in black.

On the "Dianne's doily set", I applied white-pink embossing enamel. For the title, "Live Laugh Love", I used bronze embossing enamel.

I used the following 2Crafty chipboards in this layout:
Frame Celia's Flourish [FR0048]
Flourish Adorment Set 6 [PA0048]
Dianne's Doily Set [M00586]
Live Laugh Love [W00223]

That's all for me today! I hope you enjoyed this layout and it gave you some inspiration for your own creations! I'll be back soon with more ideas to share with you guys!