Thursday, April 5, 2018

April Inspiration + VIDEO Tutorial
By Kareen Dion

Hi everyone! 

It's my turn with my inspiration of the month! And today,
 I share with you a video process of one of my layouts! 


My first layout is about vacation, that time that we are waiting for all year long!
It was in Summer 2017, on the beach. My children made peace for one minute
 and let me take this beautiful picture. 

For this layout, you have a video tutorial! I used several chipboards as ...:
 11" Viney Border Frame. I cut it in several part to have the leaves instead of using
 it all over my layout. I embossed them with black embossing powder, to contrast with
 the rest of my embellishments.  I also used the Gigi's Flowers, Intricate Seahorses,
 Oriental Flower Stems and the title "vacation" from the Mini Travel Word Set 2.

Here you can see the Intricate Seahorses, I embossed it and then added a little bit of 
white gesso, just to give him more light to it. You also see the Gigi's Flowers that I used
under my flair.

The Gigi's Flowers are embossed with glitter embossing powder and
 the word vacation with white embossing powder.

As you will see in the video, I used the Oriental Flower Stem in the background and
enhanced it with a little bit of white gesso, just to make it pop from the black background.

The final touch with the Mini Travel Word Set 2, with the title "Vacation".

Here is the video process : 

2Crafty Chipboard used : 
- Intricate Searhorses
- Oriental Flower Stem
- Gigi's Flowers
- Mini Travel Word Set 2
- 11" Viney Border Frame



For my second layout, I chose a picture of my daughter with our cat "Biscuit". 
She is a real cat lover. I wanted to create a soft layout with this picture.

I used a lot of chipboards of course. I used the Beaded Hanging Heart Set,  
Corner Leafy Swirls, Leafy Twig Branches and the Cute Loopy Font.

I almost always embossed my chipboards with embossing powder, it gives great coverage.
The Cute Loopy Font is no exception and I love the two-tones on it.

The Beaded Hanging Heart Set is embossed with the same color that the title,
to keep coherence on the layout. You can see the Leafy Twig Branches, I chose a
lighter color to soften my layout.

The Corner Leafy Swirls are also embossed with embossing powder, they have several tones in it.

2Crafty Chipboard used : 
- Beaded Hanging Heart Set
- Corner Leafy Swirls
- Cute Loopy Font
- Leafy Twig Branches

And that's it for me this month!
I hope that you have been inspired.
Thanks for stopping by and see you next month!!