Sunday, February 11, 2018

February Inspiration with Tammy includes
VIDEO tutorial

Hello 2Crafty lovelies!
Tammy here today to share my latest 2Crafty creations with you.
The first one is titled:

"Love this Life"

I used the following 2Crafty Chipboard:
"Fine Hearts Borders"
"Love this Life Title"
"Grid Panel"
"Film Strips Medium"

I cut the "Grid Panel" into pieces, applied a few coats of white gesso and
 then tucked them underneath my photo layers.

I also applied white gesso to the "Film Strips Medium"
I added a strip of this under my photo, and I also added a small piece to the left hand
 bottom corner of the layout.  This gives the layout some balance, and draws the eye into the photo.

I then added in the "Fine Hearts Borders".  Again some in the cluster at the bottom,
 and some behind the photo. I added a few layers of Distress Ink to these until I was
 happy with the purplish hue I had created.

I love the "Love this Life" title.  Lol.
I love the two different fonts. To enhance this I decided to use two different
 ink colours. I then added some embossing ink and some clear emboss powder.
I really love this effect.

I'm really happy with the colours in this one, I think they work perfectly with the photo.

My second creation is called:

"Happiness is This"

I used the following 2Crafty Chipboard:
"Happiness is This title"
"Flower Doilies"
"Fine Leafy Bush"

A layout featuring myself and my beautiful girl at the beach, one of our happy places.

THIS place sure brings us happiness, so the title "Happiness is this" is just perfect.

I applied a few coats of white gesso to this, and then added
 emboss ink and some clear emboss powder. 

Love the gloss/resin finish this gives chipboard.

I also repeated this process on the "Fine Leafy Shrub", although I didn't apply my
 gesso evenly, as I wanted it to have a bit of a rustic, beachy feel.

 I trimmed down the "Fine Leafy Shrub" and poked the small clusters in and around my flowers.

I applied white gesso to the "Flower Doilies" and then applied Distress Ink
 to get this gorgeous teal colour.

I trimmed the larger "Flower Doily" in half - giving me two doilies, which I
strategically placed to look as though they were half off the layout.

This gives the layout movement, and draws the eye into the photo.

I love the teal, mixed with the blue, and the woodgrain.  It brings out
 the colour of the water in the photo.

I love how I can get such different effects on the chipboard. So versatile.

I have created a video, so you can watch exactly how this layout came together.

I hope you check it out!


I have an extra creation for you all this month.

It's titled:

"Fun in the Sun"

I created this one for CSI.  2Crafty Chipboard are sponsoring this month.

I've never had a go at cracking a CSI case before, but I really enjoyed it!
I encourage you all to have a go.

Here's a look at the challenge:

I solved Case 247 by taking inspiration from the above scene and also
 using some of the traditional clues.

I used the colours, in fact even how they were lined up!
I used a white background, florals, leaves, bird (flamingo) and rub-ons
 (these haven't had a workout in years so it was kinda cool to use these again).
I also documented a summer memory and used rhyming words in my title.

I used the following 2Crafty Chipboard:
"Summer Line Words"
"Alpha Set 1"
"6" Flamingo Frame Set"

I painted the Fun from "Alpha Set 1" black and did the same to the
 sun from the "Summer Line Words".

I used Distress Ink to colour the "6"Flamingo Frame" and I then
applied embossing ink and clear emboss powder.

I loved using up some old bits and pieces from my stash.

Well that's it from me!

Thanks for popping by and I hope I've inspired you to get creative.