Sunday, December 19, 2010

Star Books - Belinda

Star Books are fantastic Christmas projects

I LOVE making little Star books for Christmas presents...the grandparents love them and they look so effective hanging from the Christmas tree or sitting next to your favourite Christmas ornament.
This project uses plain chipboard that you cut and cover to make your album cover.
Here are the instructions for a 2 inch star book..... Once you get the hang of the process any size is possible.....

This Star book can be made out of 3, 2 or 1 colours of card stock and it is possible to use scraps.
For a red and white version:

Cut the red card stock in 2 inch strips, if using a 12x12 sheet cut 5 strips

Cut the white card stock in 2 inch strips, if using a 12x12 sheet cut 3 strips

From these strips cut:
Cut 7 pieces at 3 inches (red)
Cut 7 pieces at 3 ½ inches (white)
Cut 7 pieces at 4 inches (red)

Fold each piece in half. (Fold in to texture)
Ink if required
Place double-sided tape on the back edge of the small and medium cards

Adhere edges of the small card to the right side of the medium card, then stick these to the larger card.

Optional- Sew the edges a sewing machine. Run each piece through (like patchwork piecing) and then snip them all at the end

Adhere all together with double sided tape, placing the 7 pieces on top of one another.
Cut a 2 inch strip of chipboard, then trace the width of the book on the chipboard and cut.
Cover in patterned paper

Adhere ribbon to top and bottom of book, and then add the 2 covers with lots of tape.
Add photos and a mini title. You could add the year the photos were taken

Size variations - Follow the same process as above

Larger Star Book

7 pieces 6” x 11”
7 pieces 6” x 10”
7 pieces 6” x 9”

Medium Star Book

7 pieces 5-1/2” x 11”
7 pieces 5-1/2” x 9”
7 pieces 5-1/2” x 7”

Have a great week in the lead up to Christmas.....xx



Michelle Winston said...

This is brilliant Bel ! Thanks for the great tutorial ! Your Santa photos are absolutely adorable !!!

KerrynF said...

Fantastic idea Belinda, this will come in very handy.