Monday, August 7, 2023

Life DOCUMENTED - by Robin Schelin

 Hello 2Crafty fans! Welcome to the blog.

Today I am sharing a layout featuring a BRAND NEW fabulous piece of chipboard!

 2Crafty has the best chipboard in the industry for originality, quality and value. Check out their website where you can order these fabulous pieces directly from them without having to search the stores, or having them order for you.  

This layout is one of my favorites, just for the simplicity of it. So easy to make with just a few chipboard pieces. Because the chipboard frames piece is so big, you don't need much else. Love it!


2Crafty chippies used:


Moroccan Panel

12x12 Stacked Filmstrips - NEW

I know I say this all the time, but it is very important if you want to achieve true color and consistency. First and foremost, a good coat of gesso on your chipboard. It gives your paint, or whatever you use to alter your chipboard with, something to hang onto. Like little tiny "hooks" that grab your mediums. I wouldn't even try to alter them without it.  Ok, that being said, time to move on...

This is the top left of the layout. I used the 12x12 Stacked Filmstrips as a background to place the whole composition on. I love this, it covers so much of the layout that you don't really need much else! I painted it with White Acrylic Paint using a stippling brush, and then placed some acetate filmstrips inside to add color and interest. 
Here also is one of the pieces of the Moroccan Panel, also painted with White Acrylic Paint. I cut it up using only a few of the cut piece around the layout to mimic the moroccan design of the patterned paper.

Here are more Moroccan Panel pieces next to the flowers and the bottom of the 12x12 Stacked Filmstrips.  

The title life DOCUMENTED seemed perfect for this photo. I painted the word 'life' with a mixture of Acrylic paints, just playing around till I got the color right to match the frame around the photo.
The word 'documented' was colored with Prima's Farmer Jeans Chalk Ink.

And there it is, simple! Hope this has inspired you in that you don't need a lot of chipboard, just the right chipboard, to complete a composition that fills the whole page!

Until next time...don't forget to use your gesso!!!!!