Thursday, March 9, 2023

Smile ~ by Robin Schelin

Hello Lovies! Welcome back to the 2Crafty blog.

Today I am showcasing a couple of NEW gorgeous chipboard pieces just released! Perfect for this photo. As soon as I saw these pieces I knew that I was going to love them! Hope you love them too!



2Crafty chippies used:

NEW Thin Rectangle Stacked Frames

NEW Her Smile

Mini Flourish Bits

Leafy Shrub Set 2

Leafy Shrub Set 1

As is my thing, first a coat of white Gesso on all the chippies!

Love the Leafy Shrub Sets! They just add such dimension to any layout. Here is one of the leafs from the Leafy Shrub Set 1. I first painted it with Hookers Green Acrylic Paint. Then I stroked over it with Light Moss Paper Soft Color. And then stroked over it again with Brilliant Yellow Green Acrylic Paint. I wanted it to be bright and a good contrast to the purple.

For the title, I cut the word 'Her' from the NEW title, Her Smile, and just used the word Smile. That's what people tell you when taking a picture, right? So this worked! This chipboard can be easily cut so you can use any part of it. I will use the word 'her' for another project. I painted it lightly with white Gesso. I wanted it to be light, but not white. Sort of a grey to match with the background paper.  I wanted it to be easily seen and stand out against the white of the frame and the word strip.

Here on the bottom right is one of my go-to pieces, the Mini Flourish Bits. I just love these little gems! They are small, so they fit anywhere! I used a mixture of different Purple Acrylic Paints to get the right shade of purple. I wanted it dark to mirror the dark purple of the leaf stem at the top left over the photo.

The leaf from the Leafy Stems 2 balances out the green from the Leafy Stem 1 on the bottom right.  It was painted the same way to get the same green Color.

Then there is the awesome NEW Thin Rectangle Stacked Frames! This piece makes the layout! I love it.  It surrounds the photo and makes it pop even more than it already does! I just painted it with White Acrylic Paint so it would be a good contrast against the purple paper I cut to fit underneath it.

I hope you like it, and that it has inspired you. 

I'll be back in a few weeks with some more 2Crafty goodness!