Friday, November 19, 2021

Family pets
by Sabrina Turpin

 Hello 2Crafty friends!

I hope you're all doing well and are excited about the holiday season that's coming up soon. For our family, one thing that's happening just before that is Neho's birthday! He's going to be a big 2 years old doggo! Yet, he's as mischevious as ever, and he makes sure that every day has a little bit of fun and joy.

"Family Pets"

On the "Summer Leaf Stems", I applied two coats of gray-teal paint, then rubbed a bit of silver wax on top with my finger.

For the "Steampunk Heart", I used shimmering teal embossing ink. On the "Checkboard Panel", I applied aged silver embossing enamel.

For the title, "Family Pets", I used two coats of black embossing powder. Then, I rubbed some silver wax on top.

I used the following 2Crafty chipboards in my layout:

Family Pets [w00459]
Steampunk heart [m00667]
Checkerboard panel [660045]
Summer leaf stems [m00411]

That's all for me today! I hope you enjoyed my layout and that it gave you some inspiration for your own amazing creations! I'll be back in a few weeks with more ideas to share with you. Take care and see you soon!