Monday, August 23, 2021

"Moments in Time" - by Robin Schelin

 Hello everyone!

  I'm back again to share another layout done using fabulous 2Crafty Chipboard!
Today it's a whimsical layout complete with a fairy granting wishes!
I Had a lot of fun creating this one! 

Hope you like it!

"Moments in Time"

The beautiful 2Crafty Chipboard I used:

Moments in Time
Lacy Border Set 1
Flourish Adornment Set 6
Lattice Leaves
6" Clock Face Frames
Half Circle Flourish Frame

For the title, I started with a coat of white gesso.  On the word "Moments" I applied
Art Anthology Lavender Acrylic paint mixed with white Acrylic paint. 

The word "in" was painted with white acrylic paint.

On the word "Time" I used Art Anthology Lavender paint straight from he jar. 

I then covered the whole title with Viva "My Paper World" pen in Opal to give it that fabulous shine!!

On the 6" Clock Face Frames tucked in behind the fairy, I used Viva "My Paper World"
pen in Light Carmine Pink.

The Lattice Leaves were covered with white gesso, followed with Paper Soft Color in
Light Moss Green. I then rubbed a little white gesso to  soften the edges.

On the border from the Lacy Border Set 1, after white gesso, I used the same Paper Soft Color
in Light Moss Green giving it 3 coats to make it dark.

On the Flourish Adornment Set 6,  I also started with white gesso.  Then on the top one
I used the same Art Anthology Lavender paint mixed with white paint as in the title.
On the bottom one I used white Acrylic paint.  Then I covered them with Viva "My Paper
World" pen in Opal the make it shiny, shiny, shiny!!

Lastly, on the gorgeous Half Circle Flourish Frame, I again coated it with white gesso.
 And then used the same Art Anthology paint in Lavender mixed with white paint for the
bottom left bottom circle. On the top circle I painted it white Acrylic paint and then
gave the whole thing a nice slathering of the Viva "My Paper World" pen in Opal.

And that's it!  I only used basically 3 products on the chipboard, besides the gesso that I
use on all my chipboard. I love a uniform look to my compositions and try to create
balance with my colors as well as with the embellishments I use.
  I hope you like it!

Until next month, stay well and craft happy!