Friday, July 30, 2021

Follow your Bliss with Emma Zappone

Emma with you all today on the blog.
Today I share a magical 9"x12" Layout with you all.

This layout features some stunning chipboard!
Clock Face discs
Florence Swirl set
10" Decorative Doily 1

I was a little nervous using such a large piece of chipboard with the doily, and wanted to do it justice. I I knew I really wanted to antique it up. I applied a crackle paste and allowed it to dry naturally. Once that was dry I then applied a combination of Oxide inks and ink sprays to add the colour tints.

Love how the colour seeped in through the cracks. Once the colour was dry, I lightly rubbed a copper wax over the surface just to grab some of the texture.

I then prepped the other 2 pieces, the clock face and swirl, with black Gesso.
Once dry, I then applied a couple of waxes to illuminate them yet compliment the large doily.

Once these pieces were all ready, I then layered them into my layers and visual story.

I loved taking my time creating this layout and love the feel of the end result.

I hope this layout gives you a little inspiration.

See you soon, Em xx