Friday, June 26, 2020

"Canvas About the Eternal"
with Yulia Pospelova

Hello to all 2Crafty fans!!
 Do you like voluminous works that carry a little mystery?
 Today I want to show you one of these works, 
which is filled with the meaning and spirit of eternity.

I used a lot of 2crafty chipboard :

It all started with the photo for my project. There are many books on the background with
 old boards and a flask of flowers. I made mini books, shelves and added frames with old photos.

 I decided to continue the Fencing Wire Panel for the background. 
An old grid gave my work a special look.

 Corner Hannah's Flourish was covered by the black soil and some waxes. 
I divided it into two parts and added them under the photo.

 From my previous works, I still have the shutters from Window Shutter Set. So, I decided 
to use them here, too. After all, this work is essentially connected with the previous one.

 Then I added a piece of Lavendar Shrub to the glass bottle and painted it red.

 After that I added dried roses to my canvas.
 So the work turned out to be richer in colour and details.

I sincerely hope you liked my canvas and will be happy to hear your comments. 
You can find more works with 2crafty chipboards in my instagram. 
Yulia Pospelova was with you.
 Bye-bye, everyone! See you soon)