Sunday, January 26, 2020

Layout of "Beautiful" with Yulia Pospelova

Hi, creative chipboard 2Crafty lovers.

 Today I am happy to present my new layout to you
. It's colours are bright and calm at the same time.


And here are the chipboard pieces I chose for this layout

The main subject is given to a street photo.
 I really enjoyed the picture colours and decided to improve them with paint and chipboard.
 That's why I chose the beautiful chipboard windows for my work.

I painted Tahnay's 11 Border by the bright pink patina.
 This color supported with the bright accents from the picture.

 I then divided the GridPanel into several parts.
 I’ve chosen the form of squares instead of diamonds. So, now it looks like a net that
 has flowers wrapped around it.

 Also I added acrylic glass to my layout. It gave the inspirational air to my work.

 I selected few leaves from the Foliage Set, painted them with acrylic paint and added some volume by wax.

 I painted the Beautiful Floppy Font pink, and covered it by several layers of embossing powder. It turned out to be a very interesting accent with overflows.

Thank you all for your attention ! Bye!