Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Christmas Cards With 2Crafty Chipboard
by Badbarbie

Hi 2Crafty fans !

It's already the time to prepare our cards for Christmas time.
2Crafty have lots of chipboards for this event. 
So let's get some pieces and start the fun!

I'm kind of big fan of deer so totally normal for me to make some
using many of them cards with many of them ;)

For this one I have use the Deer Set and they look great as a pair.

I used the Star frame with this reindeer to resemble a Christmas ornament. 
For this card, I also used a piece of one of the new border pieces
 across the middle of the card.

So I select a paper pattern perfect for Christmas tradition 
and cut it in round to create the ornament using the Embroidery Hoops,
 love the way they look, then I finished off with a stamped piece..

I found this beautiful piece of Christmas Bauble Ornament 
and tried to figure what I was going to  do with. 

For the background, I cut a part one of the swirl off the Festive Music Border
 and then placed the Bauble piece coming down over it.

This is the 2Crafty Chipboards I used:....

Have a great day!