Saturday, April 21, 2018

April Inspiration by Sabrina

Hello 2Crafty fans,

It is my turn to share my projects for April.
My first project puts my hubby and I in the spotlight.
 Even after 18 years together, we're still in love. 

"Love is in the Air"

For the title, "Love is in the Air", I used a gold embossing powder
 which really makes the text stand out.

I applied a pink metallic embossing enamel on the "Ava's Frame"
 that blends well with the background.

I first painted the "Climbing rose bush" with a black matte paint.
 When dried, I applied a gold embossing ink.

I used a silver metallic paint on the "Fancy Damask", diluted with water. 
Then, on top of the paint, I applied a pink embossing ink.

For this project, I used the following awesome chipboards:
Ava's Frame (FR0096)
Climbing Rose Bush (DB0100)
Fancy Damask (M00564)
Love is in the Air (W00418)

"Family Forever & Always"

The second project I want to show you today is quite special for me. I did the 
"Family forever & always" layout as a gift for a close friend, hard-working
 mom of three that just graduated from university.

On the "handdrawn feathers", I applied a red-gold embossing powder.

To give this nice rusty look to the "Hearth Clumps", I used a red ink,
 then applied some gold-copper embossing ink on top.

Finally, on the title "Family forever & always", I applied a white-pink embossing enamel.

For this layout, I used the 2Crafty Chipboards:
Handrawn Feathers (M00588)
Heart Clumps (M00576)
Family Forever and always (W00125)
That's all for this month! I hope these inspire you to create as much
 as I had fun doing them for you! See you next month!