Saturday, November 11, 2017

Tammy's November Shares

Hello 2Crafties!!
I'm excited to be here today and share my latest creations with you all.
First up I have a layout called:

 'This Boy'

A bright fun layout, celebrating my gorgeous boy and his sweet thoughtful nature.

I used the following 2Crafty Chipboard:
"Triangle Set"
"Harlequin Clumps"
"This Boy Title"

As I'd used a lot of vibrant colour using Dylusions Ink Sprays, I painted some
 of the triangles from the 'Triangle Set' in black paint.
I like how the black grounds the bright colours, and helps pull it altogether.

I turned them onto their side to create an arrow look, as this went perfectly 
with one of the background stamps I had used. I love how versatile these triangles are.  
You will find them on lots of my layouts.

I added some 'Harlequin Clumps' around my photo. 
I used Distress Inks in a variety of colours to  colour these.

Layer upon layer.
The colours changes slightly depending on the light - a very cool finish.

I added some flicks of green paint, just to give them a bit of extra oomph and life.

For my title 'This Boy', I created a two tone effect using watercolour paint.
Firstly, I added white gesso and then kept adding watercolour until I was happy with the colour.

I really love the 2Crafty titles, and I especially love these ones with the two different styles of font.

I just love blue and green together - so much for that old saying...
 "blue and green should never be seen".
How wrong they were!!
Teamed with the black and white, they are just perfect for documenting my teen boy.

I just love him to bits.

My second creation is titled

"In the Blink of an Eye"

A layout about my gorgeous daughter, who suddenly doesn't look like my
little girl anymore, who has grown into this amazing woman.

I used the following 2Crafty Chipboard:
"Polaroid Frames"
"Medium Film Strip"
"Tiny Film Strip"
"Handdrawn Flowers"
"In the blink of an Eye title"

As I've used a black background and lots of colour, I coated the 'Medium Film Strips'
  and the 'Tiny Film Strips' in a few coats of white gesso. I love the contrast.

I also did this to the leaves from the 'Handdrawn Flowers'
I just LOVE these, not sure why I haven't discovered them earlier.
I love how they are a silhouette style, and that they can be tucked
in around your layout, without covering up elements on your page.

To get the variegated colours on the flowers from the
'Handdrawn Flowers' pack, I added a few different coats of Distress Ink. 
This gave them a beautiful depth. 
I purposely put the ink on randomly as I wanted them to be
 multi-coloured and have that variegated look.

I added in some 'Polaroid Frames' behind my photo.  I painted these with
white gesso and then inked them with a pink Distress Ink.
The white gesso first makes the colour more vibrant
(and you know how much I LOVE vibrant colour)!!

I added the 'In the Blink of an Eye' title so that it became not just
 my title but part of my journaling too.
I really wanted to bring out the purple that I had created in the background.
I don't have a lot of purple so I created it by adding pink distress ink
and then blue distress ink. Instant purple!! Ta da!

So that's it from me this month, I hope I've inspired you today to get creating.

If you'd like to see more of my work, you can head to my blog HERE.