Sunday, August 7, 2016

Steampunk Inspiration with Trudi Harrison

"Steampunk Heart"

Hi Everyone,

Trudi back with you today sharing some more 2Crafty Inspiration.  I have been having lots of fun altering some of the new 2Crafty steampunk elements with Colour Blast mediums.

A combination of the new Medium and Small Chipboard Gears were added to a Prima Artifact and Relic Heart.  The chipboard gears that embellish were altered with Colour Shimmer Sprays; Dusty Charcoal, Leather and Deep Water. 

2Crafty Products:
Steampunk Gears Small
Steampunk Gears Medium

The altered heart was created with idea of framing it as wall art.. but then another idea came to mind -
A 3D Altered Book from a Paper Mache Mini Album.
 With the altered heart used as embellishment for the front cover of the book along with lots of chipboard loveliness.  

"Good Fortunes For You"

Steampunk Corner 3 were attached to either side of the opening.  A Steampunk Heart sits over the top left hand corner of the opening with the previously altered heart attached over the top.  Small and Medium Steampunk Gears have been layered over the the Steampunk Corners along with trimmed pieces of Chain Lengths.

A Chained Circle Frame adds textural detail to the background.
The inside cover was embellished with Vintage Clock Hands and Steampunk Gears.  Dusty Charcoal, Deep Water and Leather Shimmer Sprays were used to alter the chipboard elements.

The inside 3D effect was created by sticking the pages of the book together and then removing the middle section with a craft knife.  
A Chain Circle Frame frames the decorative picture.  The movement of time in the picture reflected with a smaller Clock Face Frame and a combination of Steampunk Gears and Gears.
Shimmer Sprays were once again used to alter the chipboard - Leather with accents of Deep Water.

2Crafty Products:

Corner Steampunk 2
Corner Steampunk 3
Steampunk Heart
Steampunk Gears Medium
Steampunk Gears Small
Chained Circle Frames
6" Clock Face Frames
Vintage Clock Hands
Chain Lengths


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Rachael Funnell said...

Steampunk @ its finest... 2 INCREDIBLE projects Trudi!

Di Garling said...

You have totally rocked the whole steampunk thing Trudi. Fabulous work. ❤️

Jaya Raghuvanshi said...

These are just absolutely amazing Trudi!!

Anita B said...

Wowsers totally awesome.xx

Tania Ridgwell said...

Wow awesome projects Trudi!

Valerie Ouellet said...

Very cool these steampunk projects.

Debbi Tehrani said...

These are really cool projects, Trudi! I just love how you've made the elements look like real metal!

Lisa Griffith said...

Jaw-dropping work Trudi! so creative and amazing way to use your chippies :)

Mary Catt said...

So cool! Just amazing work!