Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fiona's Shares for April

Happy Easter my 2Crafty Chipboard friends.
 Fiona here with you today sharing my creations for the month of April.


2Crafty Chipboard used:

"Circle lace panel"
"Pretty flowers"
"Vintage clock hands"

This piece has been heavily inspired by the amazingly talented Louise Nelson after I spent
 some time with her recently at a scrapbook retreat. I love using water colours and 
stamping in my work so I incorporated these with her signature minimalist look.

The "Circle lace Panel" I cut up and placed strategically on the LO. I loved that it is
 lace but also has a masculinity about it. Especially once it's cut up. I love it because 
it has quite a baroque feel about it.

These "Pretty Flowers" come with this skeleton part as well as the silhouette.
 I am cautious of placing flowers on a masculine layout but in skeleton form, I think
 you get away with it and especially in black. Plus it helps to hold my cotton in place!

I love to add odd bits to my layouts and in this case it's one of the "Vintage Clock hands".
 I heat embossed it in gold and placed it in the cluster in the top left hand corner. Again
 following the baroque feeling of the Layout.

"Pretty Much Perfect"

2Crafty Chipboard used:

"Assorted Arrows"
"Chicken barbed Wire Small"
"Twiggy Branch"

I have been practicing my boy layouts and I've been incorporating the "Chicken Wire Barbed Small" on some of them. I just think you can't go wrong with this on a masculine layout. It then allows you to add some more traditionally feminine pieces as well.
 Kind of a counter balance so to speak.

I've also been obsessed with the "Assorted Arrows" lately! I just can't get enough of them. I love how they can add direction to your layout and literally point to what you want your feature to be!

All of the chippies on this layout have simply been painted with black gesso except for
 the "Twiggy Branch" one which is painted white. I didn't want anything too dark against
 the grey and white of the photo. if it was placed behind, I think it would have worked as
 black but seeing that it's in the foreground, it looks nicer in the white.


2Crafty Chipboard pieces used:

"ATC Hearts and Stars"
"Word Loopy Font Cherish"
"Hessian patch panel"
"Geo tags"
"Mini family -1"

This layout was so much fun to create. Almost as much fun as taking these photos 
with Chantalle was. I love that scrapbooking has given me an opportunity to meet new
 people and this funny girl was an absolute pleasure to get to know. I used the little girls
 from the "Mini Family -1" set and painted them in bronze to represent us.

I chose the title "Word Loopy Font Cherish" because I really will cherish this time
 we had together. I love the loopy font titles. The words are perfect and the font is adorable.

I trimmed off a tiny bit of the "Hessian Patch Panel" to place on the bottom of the
 main photo. I'm  loving how versatile these panels are!

I also added a "Geo Tag". I adore these little things. I never really know how they
 should be used so I just add them randomly to my layouts LOL!

Finally I added a couple of little stars from the "ATC hearts and Stars" pack. 
Very versatile little pack this one! I use them randomly on lots of things.

Well that's me for another month. I hope you've enjoyed my shares. I'll be back again
 in May with some more creations for you. Thank you for popping by.


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Janice Nicholls said...

3 absolutely AMAZING layouts Fiona....LOVE,LOVE,LOVE them. Thanks for sharing your talents and for the inspiration. Gorgeous work! xx

Di Garling said...

Awesome projects Fiona and as always such creative use of the chippies too. I particularly love the first one and it has inspired me to try a vertical composition on a LO too, something I seem to have trouble with. Thanks for the inspiration. LOVE them all. <3

Margaret Mifsud said...

BRILLIANT pages Fiona!! Your watercolour backgrounds are fabulous, great use of the chippies and you do the minimalist look to perfection!! Your work is always inspirational!! Love them all!! xx

JRABS -Jennifer Snyder said...

all sensational - you have such a great way to make the chippies pop. Love the first page so very much

Debbi Tehrani said...

Stunning work, Fiona! I just adore your style, and you sure know how to work the chipboard! Love all 3 pages to bits!

Nicole Doiron said...

Fiona, all your work is simply amazing! Love these 3 layouts!

Belle à cropper said...

Your layouts are so beautiful, great sketches !

Helen Tilbury said...

FABULOUS!! I adored them all!!