Saturday, March 15, 2014

March Inspiration
Three Layouts to Share
By Di Garling

"Always Wear Your Invisible Crown"
  Hello friends. Thanks for calling by. Today I have three layouts to share with you
 & naturally I have used lots of gorgeous 2 Crafty chipboard.
This first layout I was inspired to create using some of the techniques from a tutorial
 I watched over at Pop & Colours.  I have used some of their techniques & did
 my own thing with it, staying true to my own style.

I have used one of the new titles from 2 Crafty,
"Always Wear Your Invisible Crown" .
After a coat of gesso, I then just gave it a lick of acrylic paint and 
then a little dab or two of Stickles glitter.

I have also scattered some of the little hearts from the
"ATC Tiny Hearts & Stars Pack".
These are my favourite go to product at the moment. They come in a
 multi pack & are just brilliant to pop on anything. I have had four
 layouts from one pack & I still have some left. I have simply painted 
them with acrylic paint & then dabbed a little Stickles on to finish off with.
In this pic you can see underneath my title I have used yet another new
2 Crafty chippie piece, the "Squiggly Heart Cluster" 
which I heat embossed in white.

Next up I have used a couple of "Indian Feathers"
which were treated exactly the same as my title. I also added some Stickles
 on them to add a little sparkle then I  just
tucked them underneath my flower cluster (on the left side).
Just the perfect accessory to any cluster.

In this pic you can see a "Heart Silhouette" tucked in at the side of
my top cluster. I also heat embossed it  in white & then a little Stickles 
applied for a little bit of glitz & glam.

Here you can see another "Heart Silhouette" 
which I treated the same as the title.
"A Moment Captured"
For my second layout I have used yet another NEW title,
"A Moment Captured". I thought this pretty much summed up these pics.

I have taken inspiration for this layout by a
 moodboard over at Sassy Scrappers
and a sketch from over at Skissedilla.
Here I have used one of the "Tiny Henri's Frames" which are just
a perfect size to tuck in here & there.

Here you can see yet another fabulous piece. This is actually a
"Corner Jacqui's Flourish". Just because it is a corner doesn't mean
you cannot use it in a different way. I thought it made a great flourish
for underneath my flower cluster.

All of the chipboard pieces I have used on this layout were firstly
coated with gesso & then followed with a lick of orange acrylic paint
& when dry a very light dab with a sponge & a tiny bit more gesso.
This helps tone down the brightness of the orange paint.
I have also scatted a few of my favourite mini stars from the 
"ATC Tiny Hearts & Stars Multi Pack".

  The last chippie piece I used here was a "Mini Fob Watch"
which I very lightly sponged with some orange acrylic paint.
"Daughters are so Special"
This layout was  inspired by some of the background techniques from
the Pop & Colours  tutorials. It's always great to try your hand at something

I have used a Personalised 2Crafty chippie title, "Daughters are So Special".
Although 2Crafty offers many titles from it's vast range they have available, sometimes it is
nice to have something very specific to what you are working on.
2Crafty offers this service through its retailers, so if you are ever in the need, ask your
local retailer to organise on your behalf.
This was firstly coated in gesso, followed by a coat of acrylic paint.
It doesn't get much more simpler than that.

Next up I have used some of the new "Sharons Butterflies".
Again these come in a multi pack containing different sizes.
After a coat of gesso & gave these a sponging with a pink
metallic paint. The sponging gives a mottled effect.

I have also used a "Flower Spurt Chain" which I cut into three pieces so that
I could tuck a piece in at both the top, as well as both sides & I treated it the
same way as I did the butterflies.

Lastly I finished off with a "2014" date from another great multi pack.
These are the perfect embellishment for any layout.
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Well thats all from me for another month.
I will see you back here again in April.
Until then, happy crafting.
Di xo