Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sneak Peek of October's New Release products

Hello ladies, just pushing in on Lindy's day to share with you a few photos of
October's New Release.
It is only small and wish I'd had more time to design, but things are a crazy, busy
at 2Crafty headquarters at the moment, but it has been a little while and I wanted
to get the Christmas items done before it was too late!
I hope you see something you like, and these items will be available for retailers to order from
next week, so let your LSS know if you'd like anything particular from the range.
2Crafty already has a huge Xmas range, so these are just a
 small addition to that, really love the Xmas Tree Set, think it will
look spectacular on a page, with all its bits and pieces.
Some Page Frames and some fine stems and flourishes

Some odd bits and pieces
Loving these new leafy bits, I know my DT will love these!!!

Lots of new words and titles to add to the already popular section of
2Crafty's core items.
Thanks for stopping by, would love to know what you think of the new pieces,
and as always, happy for any inspiration or suggestions.
Vanessa xxx