Saturday, September 7, 2013

Creating your own jewellery with chipboard
By Resident Guest Designer
Chantalle McDaniel

Hello again!
Today I'm going to throw a curveball and, instead of a layout, 
I'm going to show you some cute little goodies I've made using 2Crafty chippies!
First up, are some earrings! I've been dying to have a go at doing this for a while, 
and the gorgeous 'skeleton leaves' are the perfect shape.

To make these you will need:

*Mid size (or size you prefer) Skeleton Leaves; gesso; black acrylic (or mist); glossy accents (or mod podge); jump rings and shepherd hooks (available from Spotlight or similar) pair of long-nose pliers.

• To start, prime your chippies with gesso. I figured the more sealant on the chipboard, the better!

• When dry, give your pieces some colour. Remember to do both sides and pay special attention 
to any colour 'pooling' in the little corners. I've just made mine plain black, but 
I can't wait to have a go at making some bright, summer colours!

• Once all the paint has dried, I've sealed it with a think coat of Glossy Accents to give it loads of shine and a bit of resistance to perfumes, moisture etc. I reckon Mod Podge would work very well too.

• Once all that has dried, pierce a hole with a pin (or similar) near the top. Be careful not to go too close to the edge, so the hole has some strength, but also be mindful of how big your jump ring is, 
so you have enough room at the top. Pop a jump ring inside the hole.

• Next, thread your hook through the ring. Another thing to bear in mind at this stage, is how you want your earrings to 'present' once in your ears. Thread the hook with this in mind.

All done! 

Next up is a cheeky little copy of my friend, Gail's, gorgeous necklace. I've often admired it and thought why not have a go at recreating it with a Chevron bit!

To make this you will need:

* Chevron bits; gesso; acrylic paint/mist; mod podge; jump rings; chain; lobster clasp (available from Spotlight or similar) pair of long-nosed pliers and a small side cutter

(some of the bits I've used along the way)

• Start off by selecting which size chevron you would like. 
(I've chosen a thinner one) 

• Next, sand off the rough edges where it was attached to the sheet

• Prime with gesso, then paint/mist is a colour of your choice. I have used some stunning Bronze 
acrylic to give it a faux metallic finish. Remember to do front, back and sides!

• Next, I sealed it with Mod Podge.

• Once all the wet layers have dried, prick a hole (I used a drawing pin) on each side, close 
(but not too close) to the edge. This is where you will feed your jump ring.

• Measure the length of chain you would like to use and snip it in half using the side cutters. 
Attach one side to the right edge of your chippie. Do the same with the other piece of chain 
and attach it to the opposite corner. You should end up with two separate sections of chain, 
each attached to the chipboard.

• On the one side of the chain, attach a jump ring, then a Lobster clasp. 
Close with the long-nose pliers. On the other piece of chain, add another jump ring on the end.

All done! I love it and you really have to inspect it to realise that it's not metal!

It's so easy to create something really special.
Let us know if you decide to have a go at making some gifts for yourself or a friend!

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Till next time!