Friday, June 29, 2012

2Crafty - July New Release Sneak Peek

Good morning all

Just thought I'd share with you a little peek at what is being released for July.

It's been so flat out that there is not as many pieces as normal, but I didn't want to hold it up any further, just been a little hectic over at 2crafty recently.

Hope you like, and hope to have them up on the website for retailers over the weekend.  We love to hear what you think, so happy for any comments, suggestions etc.

Have an enjoyable weekend.



Bridget said...

They are all gorgeous Vanessa, I would have fun with any of those! Hugs, Bridget

eleele said...

They are awesome, all of them fit my style . It's a pity you have already sent us our DT kits, because I would be very happy to order all of them.
hope to work with them next time. especially I adore branches, chicken wire and sweet words. the window frame is gorgeous.
the fence is adorable. I can write these exciting words on every item.

Di Garling said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE them all Vanessa. There is nothing there that I don't love!! Gotta love those chicken wire & wire mesh panels & all those gorgeous leafy pieces look devine.
Cheers Di xo

Leonie said...

Oh I love the look of the Mesh/chicken wire!
And that leafy frame!
they're Gorgeous Vanessa. :)

Linda Eggleton said...

Oooohhh...I love them all!
They are all gorgeous, Vanessa :)

Kelly Foster said...

Ok, Wow!!! Pretty sure I love every piece here!!! I'm excited for the chicken wire, and the Gorgeous frames!!

Keren Tamir said...

Oooo!! I love these!! the chicken wire and fence wire are my fave. I can think of so many things I can design with wow!! love the frame and the vines too!

Marília Lopes said...

I love them all!!!
I can not wait to start working with them!
The screen of chicken ... great idea!

Vicky Alberto said...

Many MUST have pieces!!!

Keren Tamir said...

Oh there is some great pieces here. my faves are. the chicken wire and wired fence, the frame and the swirls! well actually all!