Sunday, April 29, 2012

A touch of metal

This week I thought I would show you how to make your chippy pieces look like rusty metal using acrylic paints!  The 2 Crafty chipboard I used for this layout were all coloured using the same technique.

Using my finger and Raw Umber acrylic paint, I dab the paint fairly thick over the chipboard piece.  I don't want a smooth finish here, rather I want an uneven "bumpy" look.  I then dry this layer of paint using a heat gun fairly close to the paint, allowing it to bubble slightly as it dries, creating awesome texture.

Next I take my Lumiere paints.  I often use more than one colour to create more depth to the piece.  For this layout I have used Metallic Rust and True Gold.  I just put a little paint on my finger and very lightly rub it over the textured surface of the painted chipboard.  A little rust, a little gold ......  random.  Don't overthink it!  I then dry this again and often this second layer of paint will also bubble creating even more random texture.

For added "umph" I then used my Viva Precious Metal paints using the same "finger" technique.  This example has Silver Gold.  Mmmmmmm ...................

I have used the 2 Crafty "Captured Moments" word on this layout, however the "captured" part didn't look right once I placed it on the layout, so I actually cut this part off and have put it aside to use on another layout at some stage.  I have used the Doily Border and cut one of the scallops off it to create a "tab" for the photo.  Remember you don't always have to use a product exactly as it comes out of the packet.  A chipboard border can be cut to smaller pieces giving you even more versatility for your designs.  The options are endless!

Happy creating peoples
Natalie W xx


slywalker (Lesley) said...

Wow!! amazing technique, you just changed my mind about chipboard, love what you have done here.

Lauren said...

Wow. This looks fantastic. I am definitely going to try this. Thanks for sharing.