Monday, September 5, 2011

Life's Journey - Michelle

The journey of life definitely has it's ups and downs !
And so does athletics.
That's why I have chosen the 2Crafty Life's Journey Title for this page of Jacob.
Jacob's life has certainly been enriched by his journey with athletics - the people he has met, the places he has been, and the achievements he has made...

I've kept the Life's Journey title raw for this page, as I have lots of things happening behind it. I also think it stands out a little more against the darker background paper. I remember taking these photos of Jacob and a team mate Josh, they were fooling around on the practice track dais...but having lots of fun and boosting one another's confidence for the events ahead !

Jacob will compete in the National Athletics Carnival from 15-19 September in Darwin !
I am bound to have lots more photos and memories to add to his Life's Journey, and share with you all.

Until nextime - Happy Scrapping !

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Angie Delarie said...

I love the photo on your layout! classic