Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cracker Night - Belinda

The 2 Crafty Funky Snowflakes also double as great fireworks.

The title is also a 2 Crafty product and I had to ask Vanessa for more as I love it.

This long weekend I found myself thinking of firecracker night, so much so I was inspired to scrap this childhood memory.

The journaling reads:

This June long weekend I found myself remembering back to Firecracker Night – (almost 26 years ago)…a long weekend tradition for Australian children until the sale of fireworks were banned in the 1980’s.
I remember mum coming home with a massive bag of fireworks. We stood in our front yard with all the neighbourhood families. Dad always had a bucket of water ready incase a fire started or anyone touched a hot one. It was exciting…from when Dad lit the fuse and you would hear the hiss - the loud cracks from the skyrockets, the glow of the spinning wheels and running to find the parachutes that would pop out of the aero plane cracker. I also remember the zap of throwdowns, you threw them at the ground and they would light up and make extremely loud noises.
Cracker night was banned due to too many injuries. Funnily enough on cracker night the ER had many people admitted with burns and even worse there were lots of eye injuries from people looking right at a cracker, thinking it would not go off to have it explode in their face.
Cracker night is a great childhood memory and sadly I don’t have photos of Dad, Mum and I on cracker night….just great memories…….June 2011.

Another childhood memory scrapped for my ME album. Have a great week everyone


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I go by CHIC said...

What a lovely memory! Back to a time when things were simpler and the little things mattered most. Thank you for the inspiration. I need to start doing some pages about me and my memories growing up. Without those many heartwarming moments, I would not be who I am today. :-)